Servings: 6
Cooking Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Ingredients :

5 pounds whole duck (trimmed of any excess fat)
1small onion (quartered)
1apple (wedged)
1orange (quartered)
1tbsp freshly chopped parsley
1tbsp freshly chopped sage
½ tsp onion powder
2tsp smoked paprika
1tsp dried Italian seasoning
1tbsp dried Greek seasoning
1tsp pepper or to taste
1tsp sea salt or to taste

Directions :

1. Remove giblets and rinse duck, inside and pour, under cold running water.
2. Pat dry with paper towels.
3. Use the tip of a sharp knife to cut the duck skin all over. Be careful not to cut through the meat. Tie the duck legs together with butcher’s string.
4. To make a rub, combine the onion powder, pepper, salt, Italian seasoning, Greek seasoning, and paprika in a mixing bowl.
5. Insert the orange, onion, and apple to the duck cavity. Stuff the duck with freshly chopped parsley and sage.
6. Season all sides of the duck generously with rub mixture.
7. Start your pellet grill on smoke mode, leaving the lip open or until the fire starts.
8. Close the lid and preheat the grill to 325°F for 10 minutes.
9. Place the duck on the grill grate.
10. Roast for 2 to 21/2 hours, or until the duck skin is brown and the internal temperature of the thigh reaches 160°F.
11. Remove the duck from heat and let it rest for a few minutes.
12. Cut into sizes and serve.
Info Calories: 809 Total Fat: 42.9 g Saturated Fat: 15.8 g Cholesterol: 337 mg Sodium: 638 mg Total Carbohydrate: 11.7 g Dietary Fiber: 2.4 g Total Sugars: 7.5 g Protein: 89.6 g