4 Best DevOps Training Certifications

The competitive abilities of a successful professional are demonstrated by obtaining certification from trusted authorities. Positions in DevOps are often in demand. To maintain a high standard, beginners and entry-level professionals can obtain certifications and training through a number of courses and exams. To educate their users about their technology and facilitate fair use, many IT giants offer certification.

How important is DevOps certification?

A DevOps certification may be desired for a number of reasons. You can move forward with this aptitude and move with the times. Additionally, by showcasing your expertise on the CV, it helps employers understand your DevOps related skills. Listed below are the top 10 DevOps certifications you will need in 2021 to fulfill your career goals.

  1. Docker Certified Associate Certification

This Docker certification serves to verify the programmer’s knowledge of Docker. Docker is one of the most important tools used in DevOps operations. If you want to run multiple programs on the same operating system, you need to be able to manage Docker containers and images. By providing this certification, Docker hopes to educate engineers on the fundamentals of using containers, how to organize them with Docker Swarm, and how to configure Docker to use external DNS.

  1. kubernetes admin authentication

Another essential technology for DevOps operations is Kubernetes. To become certified as a Kubernetes administrator, you must pass a test created by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. They teach candidates how to both run a basic Kubernetes cluster and build one from scratch. There are many laboratories in this course, which are very practical. An in-depth discussion of recommended practices for networking, logging, installation, scheduling pods and other topics is also given.

  1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification

AWS offers several credentials for developers, DevOps experts, and systems architects. This certifies that the DevOps Engineer certification attempts to assess the proficiency of a DevOps engineer in building distributed systems using the AWS stack. Metrics, logging systems, security precautions and best practices for employing AWS monitoring are the main topics of the test. The exams consist of multiple choice questions to determine how well you understand Scalable Systems Architecture.

  1. Training for DevOps Certification

By completing a DevOps certification course along with online DevOps training by Igmguru, you can be able to better understand the concepts of underlying tools like GIT, Jenkins, Sonar, Nexus, Ansible, Docker, Terraform, and Gafana. Timing flexibility for continuous lifetime support batches. The DevOps online training program at IgmGuru is designed using the latest curriculum of the subject matter gurus.

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