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While developing Palpatine, I found myself browsing through the internet and getting inspired by how other static site generators (SSGs) solved my problems (i.e. supporting MD files, stylesheets, exception handling). During this process, it was clear to me that the field of static site generators was dominated by JavaScript, as almost all the alternatives I looked at were JavaScript-based. Some interesting ones I found were: Docusaurus, Gatsby, Jekyll and Eleventy. They all have their own unique features, compete with all other SSGs, and are constantly being maintained by the community at GitHub.

Docusaurus has a showcase page where you can see how other serious projects are using their tools, such as the Jest website built with Docusaurus, it’s inspiring when you see their pages look professional . So I initially read their docs: how to get startedVery straightforward, and within minutes I was able to set up my docusaurus site! Key features worth noting are: easy-to-use, beautiful themes, accurate documentation, and customizable.

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Among all JavaScript-based SSGs, Palpatine is developed from the ground up, using C++ and CMake as the build system. My main concern as a developer and maintainer of the palate is to make it lightning fast compared to others. Currently, palpatine1.5 can generate a stable site in less than 1 second. I’ve also made sure it’s easy to use with a simple command line interface. Documentation is also accurate and easy to follow. However, it lacks one of the main features, which supports markdown files fully, I’ve been working on this feature for the past few days and found a header-only markdown parser library. But it seems it’s been more than a year since the last commit to the library was made. I’m not sure it’s still being maintained. CMake was quite upset about how old this is.

Thus, I was not able to use with CMake as a Git submodule like I have used for other libraries. I cloned Maddie instead and only used the special include Directory within the palate. it was a successful endorsement some markdown features but failed in many aspects (i.e. auxiliary tables, crossed text like Basic lesson, specifying the language for the code-block). I’ve created issues on palates to solve these problems, but I believe most of them are library related. Currently, you can see the latest progress on the sample deployment of palpatine.

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