A Little Catch – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 2839.3

Today’s snapshot brings you one step closer to the direction we are working on. We want to give you one last build before moving on to Chromium 108.

Download (2839.3)

of change

  • [Address bar] Do not clear suggestion results when disabling suggestions (VB-92550)
  • [Address bar] Dropdown may lose selected item (VB-92616)
  • [Address bar] Frequently visited sites still visible when option is disabled (VB-92393)
  • [Blocker] Dialog fails on thingiverse.com (VB-92637)
  • [Bookmarks] Change Yelp thumbnails for US (VB-92541)
  • [Calendar] Calendar pop-up missing (VB-92309)
  • [Calendar] Edit job timing is broken (VB-91954)
  • [Calendar] Events move around when date changes (VB-92713)
  • [Calendar] Server error on sync moves item to another calendar (VB-92528)
  • [Calendar] Show supported calendar components in Settings (VB-92685)
  • [Calendar] Editing is very slow when creating a new event (VB-92648)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] “No tasks found” instead of “Your task list is empty” when you have no tasks (VB-92675)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Cannot add task to task panel (VB-92741)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Synced task without scheduled time in 1969 (VB-92361)
  • [Chromium] 106.0.5249.169 . upgraded to
  • [Contacts] Can’t add contacts (manually) if you don’t have any contacts (VB-92554)
  • [Mail] Add a setting for whether to auto-generate contacts (VB-91186)
  • [Mail] Disable OAuth for Pop3 (Pop3 with OAuth won’t download email) (VB-91669)
  • [Mail] Blank line disappears after greeting (VB-89181)
  • [Settings][Search] Misaligned Select Default Search Engine dropdown (VB-92645)
  • [Site compability] Change how link selection works so that it doesn’t cause site compatibility issues (VB-85651)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Can’t open some WordPress menus (VB-66327)
  • [Tabs] Pinned tab stacks not listed in Window menu (VB-92558)

Main photo by Damien Patkowski

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