A vegan Air Canada passenger served a ‘meal’ consisting of a bottle of water and a napkin

A travel blogger has documented on social media her disappointment with vegan meal options, or rather the lack thereof, on a recent Air Canada flight.

Miriam Porter, who goes by @TheKindTraveler on TikTok, was on a 10 hour flight from Toronto, Canada to Frankfurt in Germany.

She filmed the “meals” offered to her during the trip (linguistic warning on video) – a bottle of water, well that’s about it.

“POV: You’ve been on an Air Canada flight for over 10 hours and order vegan meals,” the video begins. His first “meal” is a bottle of water, the second shows a napkin with nothing on it.

There have been over 1.2 million views of his disappointment.

Porter added that a stewardess cobbled food from the pointy end of the plane: “Shout out to the kind stewardess who brought me fruit and rolls in business class.”

She said she ordered the meals well in advance and it was not the first time this had happened.

“It’s happened many times before. I always bring my own food just in case, but I was 24 hours late and couldn’t prepare any food to bring.”

Over 1000 comments are on the video many of whom sympathize with the situation.

“Oh I flew business class for 14 hours and they forgot to serve me breakfast and they had the worst flight attendant in business,” was one comment.

“15.5 hour flight and they kept running out of vegetarian meal options in the first half of the plane,” added another.

One asked if the water was good: “Pretty tasty,” Porter added.

Air Canada has been approached for comment.


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