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Yorkshire is only a short walk from Manchester, and I took a day trip to explore the picturesque Calder Valley. CONTINUES BELOW

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The thriving canalside town of Hebden Bridge appears at first glance to be traditionally Yorkshire, but is full of charming little shops and independent cafes, making it a real draw for visitors.

It also houses a large LGBT community, making it an unexpected place to find proudly waving rainbow flags and gay friendliness.

I decided to hike uphill to the village of Heptonstall, enjoying wonderful views of the Hebden Bridge and surrounding countryside as I ascended.

Historic Heptonstall is a beautiful little place of dark stone cottages, but most famous for its church shell which was abandoned in 1847 after a devastating storm. A new church was built next door. The ruins still seem strangely alive.

I got so caught up in this abandoned building that I forgot to visit poet Sylvia Plath’s grave. The next time…

The visit ended with a hearty pub lunch and a sudden downpour of rain. I will return to this area and heartily recommend it.

Have you visited Hebden Bridge? Why not share your impressions below.


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