Accessibility issue with Ax Devtools

A plugin generates some code that comes with an accessibility issue on Ax DevTools – ‘elements must use only allowed ARIA attributes’.

This potential issue needs your review… The aria-label attribute is not well supported on aa which does not have a valid role attribute.

Element Source:

<a aria-label="Monday" class="fc-col-header-cell-cushion ">Mon</a>

Code completely:

<th role="columnheader" class="fc-col-header-cell fc-day fc-day-wed">
<div class="fc-scrollgrid-sync-inner">
<a aria-label="Wednesday" class="fc-col-header-cell-cushion ">Wed</a>

So I can add a role to the A element, if so which one would be appropriate (2nd columnheader?) or the columnheader role should ideally be removed from th and added to A?

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