All the best Universal Studios Orlando parking tips you need to know!

Universal Studios Orlando Parking is actually one of the easiest theme parks to park. However, there are some things you need to know to make your experience easier and tips if you have an electric car or don’t want to walk too far.

Here is the information you will need about Universal Studios Orlando Parking. With our guide you will know where to park your vehicle and how much they charge for a parking space. Moreover, you will also learn some tips and tricks to get affordable or free parking.


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Like all other theme parks, Universal Studios Orlando also offers paid parking to its visitors. It is one of the largest car parks in the world, with 10,200 parking spaces. More precisely, it is the fifth largest car park in the world.

There are different types of car parks where you can park your car, depending on prices and benefits. The general types of parking this location offers are:

  • General parking
  • Main parking lot
  • Master Upgrade
  • Valet parking
  • RV/bus parking
  • Parking for electric cars
  • Disabled parking

Now, parking spaces in different areas have varying prices based on different schedules. They are also in different locations, so some are near the entrance and some are far away. If you want easy access to your car, nearby parking will only cost you an extra $10-$30.

To avoid confusion and help customers find their parking spaces, Universal Studios Orlando management has divided the parking lots into two wings. Then they divided each wing into three main sections. These sections have multiple levels of parking.

You will find that these parking wings are named after famous Universal Studios movies. For example, you will find the Jaws, Jurassic Park and King Kong car parks in the first wing. Then you will see the ET, Spider-Man and Cat in the Hat parking lots in the second wing.

There are three theme parks at Universal Studios Orlando, namely CityWalk, Volcano Bay, and Islands of Adventure. Parking for these three theme parks is at one main location at Universal Studios.

Volcano Bay Theme Park does not offer parking for its guests, so if you plan to visit Volcano Bay, you will need to park in the main garage. Then you can use the free shuttle service that takes you to Volcano Bay. Once you have visited the park, the shuttle service will take you back to the main garage.

Volcano Bay visitor parking is located at the ET, Spider-Man, and Cat in the Hat parking lots. These car parks are also the most convenient for these visitors as the bus service is behind them.


For general parking you will need to pay $26. The parking pass will give you all-day parking. This means you can pay once and stay all day. Remember that general parking is for standard vehicles only, so if you’re bringing an RV or motorhome, you’ll need to park it somewhere else. This will cost you a little more than the standard fees.

After 6:00 p.m., the car park offers free parking. However, this only applies when there are no events like Halloween Horror Nights.


Valet parking at Universal Studios Orlando will cost you $27 for two hours of parking (included with any VIP visit). Any number of hours over two will cost you $75. Parking rates after 6 p.m. are $27 for 2 hours and $40 for 3 hours. And if there is a Mardi Gars concert night, you will be charged $50 after 2 hours.

The valet parking lot is closest to the security center, so if you park there, you can get in and out of the park quickly. If you have limited days and the budget, this option is great and quite affordable too.


This parking lot will cost you $60 and will provide you with parking on the lower levels. This will give you closer access to the entrance and security center. Main parking is available in each wing on the third floor. This car park is closest to the security hub.

Parking closer to the Security Center will reduce the number of elevators you need to reach CityWalk and the parks. This reduces the overall duration of your journeys.


If you rent cars from websites or places like Orlando International Airport, you can access Prime Parking for free. Just make sure you have the official documents

so you can show them at the door.

If you are driving a rental car, you will have to pay for regular parking. Then the staff will upgrade you to the main car park for free.


Mobile homes, motorhomes and buses coming to Universal Studios have separate parking spaces to provide owners with an easy parking experience. If you drive an RV, you can pay $32 for an entire day, no matter how long your car is parked or the size of the vehicle.

Remember that overnight parking is not permitted. However, if you plan to park your RV overnight, you can park at a nearby RV park and take a ride to Universal. Additionally, you can also take alternative transportation such as Uber, Lyft, or a bus to drop you off at the park.


Universal Studios also has electric car parking stations, but these are only located in valet parking garages. For parking an electric car, you will first need to request valet parking. Once in the valet section, you can pay $60 for a parking space and no additional charge for electric charging.

There are four charging stations on site. Two charging stations are for Teslas, and the other two can charge other electric vehicles. Select resorts within the Universal Studios property offer charging spaces at no additional charge.


One of the most convenient aspects is that Universal Studios has dedicated parking spaces for everyone. If you want accessible parking in this section, you do not need to call first. Once you arrive at your destination, inform the management team at the front door that you wish to park your car. They will personally guide you to your parking spot.

However, if someone in your car needs a wheelchair, you will need to call ahead and let the team know before you arrive. This way, a member of staff will be waiting for you with a wheelchair. Prompt services ensure that you won’t face any problems during your trip.


Now that you know the car parks available at Universal Studios, let’s discover their schedules. The car park opens every day at 7 a.m. and closes at 12 p.m. The parks open around 9am-10am daily but open earlier for people staying on site or those arriving early.

Good to be there before opening time to see the parks open. However, it is recommended to check the timetables on the official website or with your hotel to avoid any inconvenience. Indeed, the schedules can be updated, especially if you plan to visit during the holidays.


The best parking spot option depends on your personal preferences. First, you’ll need to figure out how much you’re willing to pay for parking. Then how many members you visit and when you visit. Similarly, visits during the holidays can also affect prices and times.

General parking is the cheapest and most affordable option if you are on a budget. Valet parking is a bit pricey as charges can add up if you plan to visit for multiple days. Nevertheless, it is a better option when you are with young children or an elderly person who cannot walk long distances. It allows you to easily reach your destination and let the staff park your car. Sure, you’ll have to pay extra, but the convenience is definitely worth it.

If you visit the park on busy days, valet parking is a good option. Likewise, the main parking lot is a good option because it gets you closer to the bottom of the parking lot.


If you think parking in Universal Studios parking lots is expensive, here are some tips for getting free or reasonably priced parking.

  1. If you plan to visit more than once a year, get an annual pass. This can offer many benefits and discounts, including free parking.
  2. Choose to stay at hotels and resorts closer to Universal Studios Orlando. The hotels offer free parking and a free shuttle service to and from the park.
  3. Park at nearby metro stations, where you can get great deals on parking fees. You can get Uber or Lyft service to reach your destination.
  4. Visit the official Universal Studios website for new discounts, deals, and best offers related to parking and other fees.


Universal Studios Orlando car parks offer many parking options. But, the trick to getting your desired parking spot is to stay prepared. However, if you still think these options are expensive or not suitable for you, there are plenty of affordable and free parking spots nearby. You can park at these places at low cost while visiting the theme parks.

If you want to learn more before planning your dream vacation to Universal Studios Orlando, check out our top tips here. We hope this guide provides you with everything you need to know about Universal Studios Orlando Parking.

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