All the important details you need: How does Genie Plus work?

Seasoned Disney pros and frequent visitors to the park know you need an organized plan to get the most out of your day at Disneyland or Disney World. We’ve got nothing against “go with the flow” types who prefer to show off and wander aimlessly towards anything that catches the eye, but we promise you’ll spend much of your day on the lines, not the rides.

For the money, having a plan is your best bet.

Luckily, Disney has always offered organized people ways to maximize their park time through the use of fast passes, skip-the-line benefits, dedicated apps that share wait times, and other tools to keep moving.

More recently, Disney introduced Genie and Genie Plus, replacing some of the previous tools. If you are constantly wondering “How does Genie Plus work?” Look no further and check out all the details you need below!

What are Genie and Genie Plus?

Genie is a free scheduling tool built into the My Disney Experience mobile app. It provides real-time information about attractions and restaurants based on the preferences you share with the app.

Here are some of the features of the Disney Genie:

  • Personalized and automated routes based on your preferences
  • Personalized recommendations based on your interests
  • Purchase Individual Lightning Lane Passes
  • Check wait times on the personalized advice panel
  • Park map on your phone

Some of these features were previously available in one form or another, but are now offered using the free Genie tool.

Genie Plus is a paid premium version of Genie. Some additional features are added to give you even more flexibility in planning your day at the park.

Here’s what you can do with Genie Plus:

  • Use Lightning Lane entrances for shorter wait times
  • Unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads from the day
  • Exclusive access to Disney PhotoPass lenses
  • Listen to Audio Tales for more insight and information

Those who have come to know and love previous line-skipping, park-scheduling, and time-optimizing platforms might lament the task of learning a new system.

Genie and Genie Plus are great tools to help make your visit magical.

How to get Genie Plus?

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There are two main ways to get Genie Plus. You can purchase additional new tickets or vacation packages, or you can purchase through the Disneyland and Disney World app after park entry.

The cost of Genie Plus is $20 per ticket at Disneyland and $15 at Disney World. Children under 3 do not need to purchase a Genie Plus upgrade and can enjoy its features with their group at no additional cost.

Although all party members must enter the park to purchase Genie Plus through the Disneyland app or the Disney World app, you can leave anytime and continue to make selections from anywhere once the service is activated. .

Customers who purchase the Park Hopper ticket can make Lightning Lane selections for all parks from anywhere. This can be very helpful in organizing your day and getting the most out of your ticket.

If you are convinced of the usefulness of Genie Plus and have decided to buy it, here is how you can harness its power and make all your Disney wishes come true.

How does Genie Plus work?

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Before you can enjoy the benefits of Genie Plus, you must first set up Genie. You will need to spend some time selecting your preferred interests and preferences for attractions, entertainment, and restaurants. We recommend that you do this before your visit, as it may take time.

Once Genie is set up, you’re good to go until you get to the park.

If you didn’t purchase Genie Plus when you purchased your ticket, the app won’t let you upgrade until your ticket is scanned at the park entrance. Enter the park and purchase your Genie Plus.

Now the fun begins.

You’ll want to make a Lightning Lane reservation right away. Genie Plus lets you make one Lightning Lane reservation at a time and allows you to book each eligible attraction once per day, subject to availability.

You can’t make another Lightning Lane reservation until you use your current reservation or the reservation time window closes, usually 1 hour after its start time.

You can cancel Lightning Lane reservations at any time and book others nearby or view faster return times. So if you head to a reservation and pass something you can get quickly, you can make the switch to maximize your uptime with no penalty and minimal risk.

Benefits of Genie Plus

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There’s a lot to love about Genie Plus:

  • It’s relatively cheap. You’ll cut wait times from minutes to hours by using Lightning Lane entries and reservations.
  • Reservations are flexible. You can cancel reservations at any time and reschedule them for later, so if you’re free to stick around in the moment and make any necessary adjustments.
  • It saves time. The ability to make reservations for Lightning Lane entries is unquestionably valuable. You’ll do a lot more with Genie Plus than without.
  • Free photos (at Disneyland only). Genie Plus offers unlimited digital downloads from Disney PhotoPass, so you can get great family photos without having to take them yourself.
  • You can buy it at any time. If you choose not to buy Genie Plus and change your mind, you’re out of luck. You can buy it whether you have just entered or are 2 hours away from the closing time of the park. It’s always an option.

Disadvantages of Genie Plus

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That said, the new service isn’t perfect. Here are some of our complaints:

  • Not all trips are included. The top 1-2 rides in each park are not included in genie+, they are charged separately. Some of the ones included are: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, Flight of Passage, MIne Train Ride and Radiator Springs Racers are not included with Genie Plus. They require a separate purchase of individual Lightning Lane for these attractions.
  • Lightning Lane reservations are limited. There’s always a chance your favorite attractions might run out of Lightning Lane reservations, and Disney hasn’t revealed how that ability works.
  • It has a learning curve. Sometimes less is more, and Genie Plus requires some setup, menu navigation, and finesse to get the most out of it.
  • No annual subscription option. For vacationers, this may not be a dealbreaker. However, locals and park regulars were able to purchase MaxPass with an annual option and enjoy no queues year-round. Genie Plus requires you to pay $20 per day ($15 at Disney World), whether you go 1 day or 100 days. There are no volume discounts.

Tips for using Genie Plus

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Genie Plus makes it easy, but there are still some common pitfalls to avoid. Follow our tips to ensure you can have the dream Disneyland experience and avoid disappointment.

Tap on your favorites first

If you absolutely must experience Space Mountain, try to get there early and take stock. It’s tempting to book Lightning Lane right away to make sure you get in quickly and all, but you might be lucky to get there before the crowds arrive and save Lightning Lane for later.

To be on the safe side, hit your favorites first, but don’t head into Lightning Lane just yet.

Keep an eye on return times

Genie Plus keeps all information up to date. Check frequently and pay close attention to the return time of nearby rides or rides you wish to take. If it’s a short time or an immediate return, you can structure your day around these places and make the most of your time.

Don’t waste your Lightning Lanes on short waits

Again, it could all be fine if you bounce from reservation to reservation without feeling the actual wait times for the rides. This is especially accurate if you really don’t feel like doing most rides more than once.

However, you might want to do the best rides twice or more, but you can only make a Lightning Lane reservation once.

For this reason, do not burn the Lightning Lane reservation unless it will save you more than about 30 minutes. If it’s a wait of 10 minutes or less, you’ll be much happier saving it for later in the day when it’s busy but you want to revisit your favorite ride.

Swap bookings when it makes sense

It’s not a bad plan to make a Lightning Lane reservation, use it, and move on to the next one. However, you might find yourself in a situation where it makes more sense to cancel your existing Lightning Lane for something closer or with a faster return time so you can go up, down, and move.

Don’t get stuck on your original plans. Be prepared to tweak things if it makes sense. Genie Plus gives you this flexibility for a reason!

Our takeaway meals

Disney Genie+, is a hit at some parks and a failure at others due to a lack of rides (you can check which ones here)

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With a little knowledge of how Genie Plus works, you can come up with a comprehensive plan to get you anywhere you need in the park with minimal downtime. This is crucial for those trying to get the best value for money or keep the kids entertained all day.

Don’t spend the day waiting in line! Buy Genie Plus and get the most out of your Disneyland adventure!

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