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october is our favorite month of the year because it brings with it Hacktoberfest, the biggest festival of open source in the world! And this year, we returned to support DigitalOcean and Hacktoberfest 2022 As a sponsor to invest in the rise of the open-source world. Hacktoberfest brings with it nostalgia moments, with developers from different walks of life joining in and taking their first steps into the open-source world.

We had an absolute blast interacting with all the new contributors and hosting all the events throughout the month! Our youtube livestream Check out some amazing speakers and open-source projects, and visit our discord server was filled AMAs And PR review parties, PR review teams enabled us to showcase our PR review workflow and allow the community to truly appreciate the work that goes into maintaining open-source projects. We were able to educate new contributors on various aspects of open source, the use of tools like Git and GitHub, the process of submitting a PR, communication best practices, and more! Not only did we witness several virtual events, but we also hosted our first in-person meetup in Bengaluru, India. Overall, this Hacktoberfest was one of the most fulfilling and satisfying experiences for our team, and we can’t wait to share our highlights from this edition.

Our History with Hacktoberfest

Before we jump into some amazing open-source contributions from Hacktoberfest this year, we’d love to share why our participation in Hacktoberfest means a lot more to us than we can express. Appwrite was first released in September 2019 With one simple goal, making software development much less complicated. Hacktoberfest 2019 was really a game-changer for us, as we saw over 200 contributions From some lovely members of the open-source fraternity in October. The stars of our project doubled that month and entered the 4-digit range for the first time.

That one month enabled us to lay the foundation for a budding organization whose sole purpose is to help developers get faster and better. And for that, no thanks will ever be enough to express our gratitude to this wonderful open source community, who chose to carry us on their shoulders at our inception. This year, as Hacktoberfest sponsors, we started with the mission Grow an ever-growing open source community And Enable more newcomers To step in and grow in this ecosystem.

Some of our favorite contributions

We saw a lot of amazing contributions from our community members during Hacktoberfest. Some of them really stood out to us, and we thought to share them here so you can check out too! I

  • hazelcast caching adapter

    Hazelcast adapter added, #closes issue

  • fast compression adapter

    Snappy adds compression adapter

    Added 2 tests for snappy compression similar to ZSTD, both tests passed

    Screen shot 2022-10-08 18 48 53 .  Feather

    Screen shot 2022-10-08 18 48 37 .  Feather

    • [x] testCreateBucketFileSnappyCompression
    • [x] testFilePreviewSnappyCompression

    Solution #4002 My other PR #4002-utopia-php . is related to

    Yes 🙂

  • WhatsApp Authentication (via 360dialog)

    This PR will add phone authentication with WhatsApp using 360Dialog.

    You need to create a phone session to test. You must have a live 360dialog api in order to test it or use it with the 360dialog sandbox api as an .env file _APP_SMS_PROVIDER=sms://template_name:api_key@dialog360 _APP_PHONE_FROM=template_namespace




  • Perl Runtime for Appwrite Functions

  • Documentation update in Kotlin Server SDK

    This PR Kotlin Server Template provides extensive documentation and Kotlin-friendly refactors.

    I just changed the documentation or just replaced an empty class with a companion object to an object so it would work without any changes to the code.

    (If this PR is related to any other PR or solves any issue or is related to any issue then link all related PR and issues here.) None.

    Yes I have.

  • url shortener appwrite function in ruby


    This PR adds an example function to create a shortened URL using different providers. Currently supported providers are:





Milestones achieved so far

We made a lot of noise together during Hacktoberfest, and this led to some amazing results for the Appwrite community!

  • 140+ pull request
  • 140 New GitHub Contributors
  • about 40 Tutorials and Demo Apps
  • 100+ new work example
  • above 300 Hacktoberfest Issues
  • 15+ Hacktoberfest Events

All these achievements have been made possible through strong cooperation and active participation of the community through a variety of contributions adapter And demo functionWith all material, tutorial, even more!

What’s next for Aprite

We have a lot of exciting features that we are working on as we get ready for the first version of this Aprite Cloud . Apprite Cloud will be a hosted Apprite solution managed by our team so that developers like you can focus on building your applications. We’re approaching the beta launch of Aprite Cloud, so sign up for access as soon as possible!

As some of you may already know, we are developing a new, new apprite console . The new Apprite Console, featuring our new upcoming design system, adds a more straightforward user interface to all the different services in Aprite. As part of our Hacktoberfest initiative, we conducted usability tests with various community members and designers to get feedback. In short, the Aprite console will be thinner, cleaner, and more accessible than ever before, and we can’t wait to get it out!

How can you contribute after Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest may be over, but you don’t have to stop contributing! we have too many open issues Which you can find on our GitHub repo. Plus, many of our Hacktoberfest issues are still open for assignment! you can also write articles, create tutorialeither create demo apps And add them to our Awesome Apprite repo. There are always new ways to support the community, and we really love all the contributions you make. If you need help with Aprite or want to find some interesting ways to contribute, join us on our Discord servers and join the Aprite community ️.

Many thanks once again for joining us during Hacktoberfest. We hope you enjoy contributing to open source as much as we do, and we can’t wait to be with you all next year! I

See you soon

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