Argon Dashboard BS5 – Free Theme for Django

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This article presents Argon, an open-source PyPi package that integrates pixel-perfect design Creative-Tim In jango, The product aims to establish a modern design in any Django project with minimal configuration effort. It might be important to say that the product covers the admin section (reserved for superusers), but is also usable in a public place for ordinary users.

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As mentioned in the project readme, to use the theme we need to perform two simple steps:

step 1 – install package via PIP

$ pip install django-admin-argon-dashboard
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step 2 , Configure the project design to use

        'admin_argon.apps.AdminArgonConfig',  # <-- NEW
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Once the file is saved, we should see the effect on the admin section of the website reserved for superuser.

video presentation

Feel free to access the published presentation on YouTube for a complete review of the product.

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