Better Programming Weekly Issue #49 | by Coffee Bites | October, 2022

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happy Friday everyone,

We hope you had a nice week. We have some fun stories for your weekend, including a first look at PyWeb3D, an introduction to Astro, which you can use to get started with the latest JavaScript framework, and some frontend projects to build on.

Without further ado, here are seven of my favorite reads of the week.

Finishing things off, Bruno Odinukwez gives us a first look at PyWeb3D, an open-source project that uses Three.js without JavaScript. His article shows what you can achieve with it in your browser – like loading, animating 3D models and creating text in 3D.

Deno Scott is back with a complete guide that makes a strong argument against over-generalizing use of a popular technique. It’s worth a read if you want to build complex applications, and there are many of us!

Astro is a relatively new kid in the JavaScript ecosystem and promises a paradigm shift – in which you can build using any framework (including Astro). Jennifer Fu teaches us how to build a simple application with the new web framework.

Mark Lucking continues his search with SceneKit. This time he creates a 3D editor to place the cubes on top of each other. The challenges encountered during the entire development process make this article worthwhile for iOS developers.

Julian leverages the multi-agent system to build Flutter applications. I’ve never used a Flutter-powered game engine, so it seems like a great resource to spend my weekend with. Thanks, Julian!

Inna Sinica opens up about her struggles with work-life balance with the tools, techniques, and habits that made her life more productive and a bit stress-free.

Open source has been instrumental in shaping the software industry, and there is much we can learn by contributing to it. here is noah ispas To tell us how it helped them to hone their software engineering and other skills!

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