Block Editor – Trigger Gutenberg save programmatically

I have loads of data as JSON that I am trying to save to a fresh install of WordPress.

I’m using puppet to log in and create each page, and wp.blocks.createBlock To create blocks programmatically.

// Input the page title

    const headingInput = document.querySelector("#post-title-0");
    headingInput.innerHTML =;

    var changeEvent = new Event("change", {
        bubbles: true,
        cancelable: true,

     * Next up, create each of the gutenberg blocks
     */ => {
        if (
            block.className == "feature text-feature"
        ) {
            block.content.forEach((element) => {
                if (element.hasOwnProperty("gutenbergBlock")) {
                    var el = wp.element.createElement;
                    insertedBlock = wp.blocks.createBlock(

 // Attempt to trigger the save:
        .forEach((button) => {
            console.log("clicking button!");
            var clickEvent = new MouseEvent("click", {
                view: window,
                bubbles: true,
                cancelable: false,

Above, I try to click the save button to save the post, however this part doesn’t work.

Is there any way to trigger the saving of the page content? Something like this:, I’ve explored the documentation, but can’t find anything so niche.

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