Couple are ‘bubbling’ after Qantas cancels flight and books baby on separate flight

A couple are ‘bubbling’ after Qantas booked their baby on a separate flight and then refused to accept responsibility.

Stephanie and Andrew Braham were in Rome when Qantas canceled their flight home and rebooked them on a different service for their 13-month-old daughter.

The couple told the Today show they made 55 phone calls and spent more than 20 hours on hold with the airline in an attempt to remedy the situation.

Airlines around the world are struggling to meet customer demands due to understaffed call centers.

When the couple hit it off, Stephanie said Qantas denied doing anything wrong because it had booked their daughter on another flight.

“Initially they denied any responsibility. It’s Qantas,” she said.

After almost a full day of waiting, Qantas moved the trio onto a flight together which was due to depart 12 days after their scheduled departure. They then had to shell out for last-minute accommodation in the Italian capital.

“We’re bubbling. I’m supposed to be home,” Andrew said. “I don’t think we’ll really feel reassured until we get on that plane and the plane is in the air at this point.”

Braham told The Independent on Thursday that the airline had offered to compensate them $200 a night for accommodation, but said that would only cover “a fraction of the additional expenses we incurred”.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Qantas said staff “sincerely apologize” to the family and that a “major administrative error” between the airline and its partner KLM automatically moved them to separate flights.

“We are reaching out to the family to provide support and will reimburse their accommodation,” an airline spokesperson said.

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