css – WooCommerce: I need to hide my page title/header (including menu) from all WooCommerce related product pages, such as category and keyword pages

I am trying to hide my page header from showing different WooCommerce related product pages/search. I managed to put in the correct CSS to hide it from the main product page, but when some category or keyword is selected to show the products, the page header is still there. Which CSS will fix this problem?

Here is an example of product page without header, works great: https://vaporisaattori.fi/tuote/boundless-cfx-kannettava-vaporisaattori

Here’s an example from WooCommerce showing certain categories of products that I’d like to remove my page headers from: https://vaporisaattori.fi/tuoteryhm%C3%A4/kannettavat-vaporisaattorit

Same problem with header when I showed products using keyword used with products: https://vaporisaattori.fi/tuotekohdenne/hybridi

I really appreciate the help on this point. Thank You!

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