Customization – get rid of static front page title

Although it is a bit difficult to conclude from the screenshot, it appears as if the top area is a menu automatically created by WordPress when no other menu is present. If so, creating your own menu without including a link to your “Welcome” page will solve it.

The other may be part of the breadcrumbs. If so, check if your theme has an option to disable the feature.

Looks like the title of the third page. To remove it, as pointed out by @toscho, you need to find the template that generates it.

If, as you mentioned, you want to remove these via CSS (not the best option, but better than nothing), you can use your browser’s developer tools to locate the elements and their classes, ids, etc. You can use. You can access your browser’s developer tools either by right-clicking on the element you want to check and selecting “Inspect Element”, or by pressing the F12 key, which will bring out the entire console. After locating the elements you want to hide, use the plugin you installed to add your CSS code, which in the case of the title might look something like this (the actual code will depend on your theme) :

 .home .entry-title {

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