Disneyland Halloween 2022! An ultimate guide + essential attractions

The school is back and although we may not be quite ready to say goodbye in the summer, but how can we not be a little excited when we think of a Disneyland Halloween? To facilitate the transition to the fall, we have brought together everything there is to know about the best celebration of the Halloween season. You guessed it, here is the Ultimate Disneyland Halloween 2022 guide.

One of my favorite Disneyland advice is to visit parks during this time of year. The weather is great and the parks are all decorated with incredible Halloween decorations.

If you head for the Boogie Boogie Bash (a separate ticket event) or simply buy tickets to go to the parks for all the pleasure Spooks and snacks, and everything there is to do during the not so frightening celebration of Disney. The parks are undergoing their fall transformation from September 2 to October 31 of this year, giving you almost two months to discover magic.


California Adventure Halloween:

As you know, Disneyland Resort has two incredible parks and for Halloween festivities, the two parks are in full Halloween mode. In fact, many of my favorite Halloween activities are in California Adventure. Inside California Adventure, there are two areas that shout Halloween (word game).

Land Halloween cars

In terrestrial cars, the whole field is transformed into an extravagance “transported by-Plie”. Everything is completely transformed tires on the road to stores, it is really worth seeing. Here are some of the incredible macabre pleasure you can have in land cars

  • Take photos with Mater and Lightning McQueen because they are dressed in their best Halloween outfits.
  • Ride Luigi’s Honkin ‘Haul-O-Wean-Guest will turn on the roadsters who dance on funny Halloween music
  • The cemetery of Mater Jambooree – While the tractor -trailer dance partners swirl in the cemetery, Mater becomes the life of the party by singing scary country with a touch of transport – including “Welcome to the radiator cries”, “

Pro * advice * Certainly take the time to enjoy all the decorations in landing cars and allow time to take photos because it is one of the best decorated areas of the park. I love it.

Family place

Plaza de Familia Oogie Boogie Bash

If you like Mariachis groups, the delicious Mexican cuisine and the beautiful exhibitions, certainly stop on Plaza de la Familia. Plaza de la Familia is located at the rear of California Adventure next to the Goofy’s Sky School. You will find

Main entrance and Hollywood earth


When you enter California Adventure, there are two large places to take a photo. The first is the entrance while Oogie Boogie hides on the adventure panel in California. The second is with the statue of headless riders. Then target left and head to Hollywood Land for good entertainment, in particular:

Galaxy guards – Monsters after nightfall –

One of my children’s favorite rides in the park is the new Guardians of the Galaxy Ride in California Adventure (formerly Tower of Terror) – During Haloweentime, the ride is again transformed into Guardians of the Galaxy Monsters after the fall of Night, where the mission changes and this time, you have to save Groot.

** Pro tip *** This driving is not available before 3 p.m. The journey stops from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., then lines around 2:45 p.m. and you will have a very fast wait.

California Adventure Delicious Halloween Food & Treats

A Disneyland Halloween is not complete without some incredibly macabre treats. California Adventure does not disappoint. They extended their meals with so many meals, snacks and incredible treats on the theme of Halloween. Discover some of these delicious items, more since California Adventure serves alcohol, you can have spicy pumpkin drinks.

Candy Sunday by California Adventure Hallowentime
Cookies & Candy Sunday ice in the hand of Clarabelle

In California Adventure, our favorite items were cookies & Candy Sunday (photo above), vampire bread Vampire Mickey and the Boogie Macaron. There are literally at least 50 Halloween theme foods just in California Adventure. You can check them all here on the Disney Parks blog

Halloween time in Disneyland

Halloween Disneyland is something that everyone should do once. The entire park will be decorated with what they claimed to be even more decorations than in previous years! Which is not a surprise because each year we are going, there seems to be more and more decorations.

Mickey Pumpkin iconic on Main Street

Disneyland Halloween Mickey Pumpkin

Of course, an essential stop is the emblematic giant pumpkin on St is an essential stop. The Pumpkin Giant Mickey does a fun Halloween photo session. Photographers of Photopass will be there to take your photos, they will even take photos with your camera or your phone. You can get all your photopass photos for a day for only $ 19.99

** Pro tip – The lines to take a photo in front of the Mickey pumpkin can become long. So, if you see a short line jumping on the occasion (or you can take the photo at an angle like this) As a rule, the middle of the day around 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. is the ideal point.

Must see the Disneyland Halloween attractions


Unlike Walt Disney World (which is a real missed opportunity in my opinion) Disneyland has one of the best driving transformations of all time.

HAUTED MANDADY HOLIDAY where Jack Skellington transforms the haunted mansion into a nightmare before Christmas. This year, this is the 20th year in Disneyland, (I do not honestly know why they do not transform the haunted manor Disney World because it is such a great success) waiting times can go for a long time for this walk, we At the park a fairly calm day and waited until 20 minutes but prepare to wait.

If you have not been there, it is a fairly spectacular transformation because you like odors in gingerbread, an incredible real gingerbread house and so many other fun nights before Christmas decorations and ‘Animatronic.


Halloween cries

In a return for 2022, Disneyland Park will have a night show and fireworks with your favorite Halloween characters, including Jack Skellington and his ghostly dog ​​Zero. The show will be an essential event.

Characters dressed in their best Halloween


One of the favorite things of my children to do was to see which costumes the Disney characters would wear. This year, the characters are socially distant so that you can see the characters at a distance. To be honest, it did not withdraw the experience and made it great for Olivia because she could see all the characters without long line.

Disneyland Halloween memories

Disneyland Halloween merchandise

Halloween merchandise is one of my favorite things, I am a suction cup for everything related to Disney and Halloween. You can find almost everything that is orange, cinnamon and pumpkin spices flavored on the lists below.

We have included some of the most delicious treats and snacks that Disney has announced that they will sell this season of Halloween. The only drawback is to try to choose one! In addition, if it is not funny enough, there are a whole plethora of super cute memories to enjoy when you visit the stores in the themed park. Consult the Disney Parks blog for all latest Disneyland Halloween equipment.

Disneyland Halloween Food & Treats

Like California Adventure, Disneyland has a plethora of food and treats on the theme of holidays. We mainly focused on the delicious side of treats moving caramel apples and mom macaroons. Again, see the Disney Parks blog for the full list of Halloween articles’

Souvenir popcorn bucket – This year, the Halloween bucket is an adorable popcorn bucket of Mickey Mummy memories. When we went to the parks, they were sold, so if you see it, take it.

Oogie Boogie Bash in California Adventure – Additional costs

Dressing for oogie Boogie Bash

The Oogie Boogie Bash is a separate paid event where everyone can put their best costumes and enjoy an incredible party in California Adventure. While, normally, children can always disguise themselves as a favorite Disney character, during this event, children of all ages can dress and join the pleasure. You can consult my full review of the Boogie Bash here.

If you need help to plan Disney and need help to book your Disneyland magic vacation, contact our friends to TINK magic holidays. They are really Disney experts, and not only are their services free, but they will save you time and money.

Have you been Disneyland Halloween time? What is the thing you prefer to do?

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Halloween time is additional costs

No, Disneyland Halloween time is included in general admission. Oogie Boogie Bash is an additional charge

Disneyland is busy at Halloween time

Yes, it was one of the periods of the natives of the year, but with the new additional Halloween attractions, this is now one of the busiest moments.

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