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Tips to help you be more productive and less tired

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Nowadays, we hear a lot about productivity. There are tons of videos on YouTube where people accomplish a trillion daily tasks by waking up at 5:00 a.m., becoming highly productive, and, most importantly, happy, calm, and meditative.

I do not know how long they can live in such a regime, not weary. Still, I know for sure – I want to find balance in my life so I can be a loving mother and wife and an avid programmer who loves coding, writing articles, and sharing knowledge with others. Is.

I love my job, maybe too much. I’m curious about new technologies and developments, but I can be very passionate about my work because coding is fantastic, isn’t it?

Sometimes it’s impossible to stop programming because you’re so interested in the process, and you won’t give up until you find that bug.

When I started working before work hours and had dinner in front of my laptop, I understood that something had gone wrong. I was working a lot, but to be honest, I could have completed my tasks much faster if I hadn’t been so tired. I had to change something.

After reading several books about productivity, habits and time management, I found answers in “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. The main idea in this book is to define what kind of person you want to be, then start acting like that person, do the things this person will do, and establish new habits. Very simple and very difficult at the same time.

I knew who I wanted to be. I:

  • Guide new team members
  • hold meetings about feedback at work
  • write regularly on medium
  • work on tasks without distractions
  • Take breaks, and don’t work after business hours
  • practice yoga

After defining the kind of person I wanted to be, I began to define actions that could help me establish new habits. Here are the tools and strategies that helped me.

Get rid of useless notifications at work. You can easily define when and which app can send alerts and reports by focusing on your mobile. This instrument changed my life because I could not understand how disturbing these sounds were to me.

photo taken by author

I have multiple focus sets on my phone. You can easily create your own custom focus by defining the time and days this focus will fire. The best part is that you can customize your desktop to hide social media or other apps that annoy you. You can read more about setting focus on iOS and Android.

After reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo, I changed my mind about organizing and organizing. This book is about putting on clothes and setting your principles in life. I agree that everything needs its place and not just physical things, but it helped me see it more broadly – ​​even our folders, files, and ancillary functions need it. .

When everything is neat it becomes much easier to focus and find the valuable things. We don’t need to waste time looking for “that document” or where to store pictures for a new project.

I’m still working on it, but I’m already seeing results. I try to find a place for everything on my desk and laptop. I know where my images are and where I store PowerShell scripts, I define the structure of my React projects, and don’t waste my time thinking about where to save my components or reducers. not difficult to do; It is very hard to stick to this routine, but I believe it is worth it.

Oh, it’s hard enough but very effective. What I mean is that we should define how everything will happen.

In order to get rid of the chaos at work that can appear suddenly, it is necessary to define all the processes and be sure that it is easy and understandable for all team members. Knowing what to do in a concrete situation takes much less time to complete and helps control quality.

Do it once and make only a few simple fixes in the future. I reviewed these procedures:

  • Testing (what do we use, how do we write tests)
  • Pull Requests – not only as a way to test someone’s code but also as a way to share your knowledge with your team and the possibility to improve your coding style
  • define project structure
  • Reading notes available to all team members, where everyone can find useful information

Try to keep everything you need on or near your desk so you don’t waste your time looking for a pencil to write down something important. I don’t need much; I always have a notebook and a pencil, but I have a postcard with Claude Monet’s water lilies for emotional comfort. I love to watch it when I need to focus again.

As a React developer, I spend a lot of time with Visual Studio Code, so it was essential to use the right VS Code extensions and learn some VS Code shortcuts to improve the working process and boost my productivity. I like to build components in React from predefined templates, linters, and code formatting tools to improve code quality. You can find out more about my favorite VS Code extensions here.

Want to keep up with the new trends in programming? I want to, but unfortunately, I don’t have much time to check all the topics. The solution may be social media. You can find lots of fun channels about programming on YouTube or Instagram, where people give you lots of useful information in short videos.

I often think that I will remember everything forever, but unfortunately, this is invalid. That’s why cheat sheets are the answer. Just list things you need regularly but can’t remember, so you don’t have to google them every time.

Don’t want to forget that bright idea that suddenly came to you? write it! It’s very simple, but it helped me a lot. I don’t need to think through everything.

I write it down and check from time to time if I can use some of them. I have such a list in Google Keep, but I sometimes like to jot down my thoughts in a notebook, especially if I have time to think and figure out tasks.

Not being afraid to ask questions can save you time. Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t ask for help without your investigation, but if it takes too long – you probably should.

Writing a plan for the next day to end my work day is very cool and effective. I realized what I had done and what to do the next day. Plus, it’s great to read this list the next day so I don’t have to plan for a day. All I have to do is follow the instructions.

We would always like to meet new tasks. It is useless to work without brakes; It will not help to eliminate all charges. But even a short break will help to relax and relieve stress and fatigue.

Exercises help me stay healthy and keep me more energetic and optimistic. I wouldn’t say that I like long and tiring routines, but 5-10 minutes long 2-3 times a day is a special kind for me. However, even staring at the wall and doing nothing would be a good option if it helps you refocus yourself.

The tools and techniques I mentioned earlier really helped me become more effective. Yet, the more I think about it, the more I understand that the most important thing is to establish new habits, change your mindset, and think about how you would like to see yourself in the future.

When I understood what I wanted and what life I would like, I immediately understood what actions I needed to take and what habits I needed to establish. I don’t want to be a workaholic. I want to enjoy my work, be happy and feel that I am on the right track now.

It’s all about techniques that help me stay productive and less stressed. I hope you find something new for yourself.

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