Extensive list of best development resources – 121 links to guides, cheat sheets, and more lists of resources

It is a collection of top rated web development resources that every developer needs. Roadmaps, Guides, Free Tools, Programmer Books, Cheat Sheets and more. All articles are of high quality and have everything you need from soft skills to visual explanations of JavaScript internals. If you don’t think this list is complete enough, you will find many more such lists at the end of this article.

Ingredients list

  1. roadmap
  2. visualized learning
  3. Crash Course and the Complete Guide
  4. for an interview
  5. Tools, Templates and Resources
  6. Soft skills, career and productivity
  7. Algorithms and Data Structures
  8. list of programmer books
  9. Coding Tips and Tricks
  10. cheat sheets
  11. Security
  12. honey bee
  13. unclassified reading
  14. More lists like this


The roadmap outlines what you need to learn to become any kind of developer, while providing you with helpful guides and resources.

  • Full Stack Developer’s Roadmap
  • 2022 Web Development (Frontend + Backend) Roadmap
  • If I have to restart Javascript from scratch I would follow this roadmap
  • Freelancing 101: How to Get Started
  • ReactJS Roadmap for Developers
  • How to become a Pro Front End Developer
  • Complete DevOps Roadmap
  • The Best Way to Become a Flutter Developer – A Complete Roadmap
  • Blockend Developer Roadmap
  • Roadmap Web Developer Front End 2020

visualized learning

Regardless of whether you are a visual learner or not, these articles provide you with high quality visualizations of how the web works in detail.

  • An Animated Guide to the Node.js Event Loop
  • JavaScript Visualized: JavaScript Engine
  • CS Visualized: Useful Git Commands
  • Illustrated in CSS Grid Cheat Sheet 2021
  • CS Visualized: CORS
  • The Complete Flexbox Tutorial w/ Cheat Sheet
  • Algorithms in Javascript with Visual Examples
  • Clearly explained how JavaScript works
  • Javascript Visualized: Promises and Async/Await
  • Javascript Service Worker, Visualized

Crash Course and the Complete Guide

The Complete Guide and Beginner’s Guide to Learning Web Development. Learn React and Full Stack Development to master web programming.

  • 101 Bash Commands and Tips for Beginners to Experts
  • The Complete Guide to Full Stack Web3 Development
  • A Complete Introduction to the 30 Most Essential Data Structures and Algorithms
  • The Complete Guide to Full Stack Ethereum and EVM Development
  • The Ultimate Guide to Web Performance
  • A Complete Beginner’s Guide to React
  • 40+ Useful Resources for Mastering the Web
  • The Complete Guide to Full Stack Solana Development with React, Anchor, Rust and Phantom
  • Vue. A Complete Beginner’s Guide to

for interview

Huge list of questions for you to prepare for the next programming interview. Practice Interview Questions for Javascript and React to become a software engineer.

  • Interview Study Guide for Software Engineers
  • 70 Javascript Interview Questions
  • 300+ Feedback Interview Questions
  • 101 Coding Problems And Some Tips To Crack Your Next Programming Interview
  • feedback interview questions
  • I have passed the Google Technical Interview; you can also
  • my google technical interview cheat sheet
  • 50+ Data Structures and Algorithms Problems from Coding Interviews

Tools, Templates and Resources

List of free resources and tools for programmers. Browse through templates and other tools every designer needs.

  • 50+ free tools and resources for creating awesome user interfaces
  • List of Free Image Tools for Every Frontend Developer’s Need
  • 40+ high quality free resources for web development
  • 35+ Free React Templates and Themes
  • 22 Miraculous Tools for React Developers in 2019
  • These free tools are fire for developers
  • 50 developer tools to make your life a little easier
  • 17 killer web apps you should be using to increase productivity
  • 40 Free HTML Landing Page Templates
  • The Ultimate Web Developer Resource List Awesome 200+ Resources
  • I made 100 high-quality images, completely free. Use it anywhere without attribution
  • 50 Free Tools and Resources You’re About to Love
  • Productive tools for web development
  • Ultimate ReactJS Resource 2022 for Web Developers
  • The Best Design Resource Websites Every Developer Should Bookmark
  • The Best Typography Resources and Tools for Every Developer and Designer

Soft skills, career and productivity

Boost your programmer career with soft skills and productivity tips. Tips to get the job you want and become a better programmer.

  • 101 Tips for Being a Great Programmer (and Human)
  • 10 Tips for Getting More Readers on DEV
  • How to ruin your career in 8 easy steps
  • What I Learned After Reviewing Over 40 Developer Portfolios – 9 Tips for a Better Portfolio
  • 700+ Web Developers Asked Me To Give Them LinkedIn Profile Feedback And These Are My 5 Top Tips
  • I am a mediocre developer
  • I read 21 articles about becoming a senior developer, so you don’t have to
  • 18 Websites Where You Can Find Remote Jobs
  • 101 tips to make you a better developer
  • 30 Tips for a Software Engineering Career After 30 Years of Life
  • how to take notes on everything
  • How to Get the Job You Want – A Guide to Employability Skills
  • 19 Tips for Software Engineers in 2019
  • 25 Tips for New Developers: Advice from a (Mostly) Self-Taught Software Engineer
  • The Key to Becoming a Better Frontend Web Developer for You
  • How to Build a Great Developer Portfolio (+ Examples & Tools)
  • The harsh reality for JS developers: you’ll be just another “coder” if you don’t study the fundamentals

Algorithms and Data Structures

Learn algorithms and data structures for both beginners and more advanced use cases.

  • How to learn data structures and algorithms. 20 problem-solving techniques you must know
  • Algorithms in Javascript with Visual Examples
  • 10 Data Structures and Algorithms Articles Beginners Should Read This Weekend
  • A Complete Introduction to the 30 Most Essential Data Structures and Algorithms

list of programmer books

Programmer books with a list of what developers need to read. Find the most recommended programming books.

  • 29 Must Read Books for Programmers
  • 25 Most Recommended Programming Books of All Time
  • 20 Most Recommended Books for Software Developers
  • Best book to read as a developer

Coding Tips and Tricks

Quick tips and tricks for writing better code. What you need to know to write good JavaScript code.

  • 13 Useful JavaScript Array Tips and Tricks You Should Know
  • 20 Killer JavaScript One Liners
  • 8 JavaScript Tips and Tricks No One Teach
  • 9 JavaScript Tips and Tricks to Code Like a Magician

cheat sheets

Cheat Sheet for React, CSS, Git and Composite Programming. A compilation of cheat sheets to bookmark.

  • React Cheatsheet for 2020 (+ Real World Examples)
  • Illustrated in CSS Grid Cheat Sheet 2021
  • Git: Cheat Sheet (Advanced)
  • The Complete Flexbox Tutorial w/ Cheat Sheet
  • ultimate cheatsheet compilation
  • CSS Cheat Sheet!
  • 35 Website Cheat Sheets for Developers
  • Advanced TypeScript Type Cheat Sheet (With Examples)
  • React Cheat Sheet (Updated June 2021)
  • Cheat Sheets That Always Save My Time During Web Development


To learn about web development security guide. Best practices with examples and beginner tutorials.

  • A Guide to Securing Node.js Applications
  • Authorization and authentication for all
  • API security best practices
  • Web Security Knowledge You Must Understand (Part I: HTTPS, TLS, SSL, CORS, CSP)
  • CORS, XSS and CSRF with Examples in 10 Minutes
  • How to Learn Penetration Testing: A Beginner’s Tutorial
  • 7 Security Tips for Your React Application

honey bee

List of fun APIs to use for your next project. Discover free and unique APIs for developers.

  • 7 Unique APIs for Your Next Project
  • 10 Fun APIs to Use for Your Next Project
  • 12 APIs You’ll Love as a Developer
  • 15 Fun APIs for Your Next Project

unclassified reading

Free certificates, popular Git repositories and tips for getting good at Googling. Learn how to block sites from showing up on Google.

  • git concepts i wish i knew years ago
  • How to report a site that stole your articles
  • 9 popular GitHub repos for every web developer
  • Use Google Like a Pro
  • 100+ Project Ideas
  • 70+ Free Great Certificates to Earn in 2021

More lists like this

Do you need more lists of programming resources? If this list isn’t exhaustive enough, you can find other such lists here.

  • {free} Ultimate resource + giveaway for front-end development in 2021
  • 10 GitHub repositories every developer should know
  • 10 Awesome Github Repo Every Web Developer Should Know
  • Useful Resources for Programmers
  • Frontend Developer Resources 2022
  • My Favorite Free Resources for New Programmers
  • 10+ Github Repositories You Should Know As A Developer
  • 19 Valuable GitHub Repositories for Beginner Developers
  • 10 exceptional GitHub repos for all developers
  • 165+ developer resources I discovered in 2020-2021
  • 32 Code Tutorials for Visual Learners
  • web development resources
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