Fans are furious over AI art generator to copy Illustrator

AI art has been generating massive controversy since the release of the latest generation of text-to-image generators, and the backlash shows no sign of going away. Now fans of an acclaimed South Korean painter are eager to create an AI model that replicates the artist’s style just days after his death.

If you’re not sure how AI art generators work, check out our guide on how to use DALL-E 2, one of the most popular synths of the new generation. Basically, they have been trained using thousands of images and captions so that users can create art by typing a short text prompt. Some open-source generators allow users to build their own models by further training them on specific image sets – and some don’t see this as a fitting tribute to an artist.

GE was renowned for his overly complex style, as seen in this work from Marvel’s Civil War II (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Most famous for Tiger the Long Tail (TLT), South Korean painter Kim Jung-ji is widely praised for his ink and brushwork manhwa (Korean comicbook art) and his astonishing ability to paint elaborate scenes richly from memory. was found. He died suddenly on 3 October at the age of 47, and within days the AI ​​’tribute’ became available.

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