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This article presents a curated list of open-source starters powered by FastAPI, a trending Python framework. All mentioned products are released on GitHub and the approved license allows the sources to be used in commercial projects and e-learning activities.

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This starter built on top of a nice Bootstrap 5 design provides a simple integration of FastAPI and Stripe. The products are saved in JSON files and the UI is rendered and provisioned of information from the files.

FastAPI and Stripe Starter – public repository

Bandage Payment Flow, in order to be functional, requires Stripe Secrets to be saved in the env file when the project starts. Here is the full list of features, as explained in the README:

  • Tech Stack: FastAPI, Stripe
  • UI: Boostrap 5, Soft Design (Free Version)
  • Simple JSON persistence for products
  • Product search from this directory

Once the product is up and running, we should be able to complete the payment flow Bandage And FastAPI,

The product comes with a database, Alembic, API for the migration layer, a nice integrated UI, and unitary testing.

FastAPI Soft Dashboard – source code

soft dashboardThe design used to style the pages is built with over 70 frontend individual elements such as buttons, inputs, navbars, nav tabs, cards or alerts, giving you the freedom to choose and combine creative-Tim design credits gives.

FastAPI Soft Dashboard - Open-source starter.

Product Highlights

  • I Up-to-date dependenciesmodular codebase
  • Perseverance: SQLite, MySql (Production)
  • I Authentication:basic and oauth
  • I API: Products and Sales (linked tables)
  • unitary test

the product is under development for more features like chart integration, background tasksand CI/CD deployment.

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