Faster checks at Terminal 3 with the introduction of new scanners

Travelers passing through Sydney Airport have been beset by long queues for security in recent months, sometimes stretching out of the terminal and onto the pavements.

But some passengers, at least, will now benefit from faster checks after the airport finally rolled out new baggage scanners that no longer require travelers to remove their laptops or spray cans when passing through security.

The three-dimensional CT scan technology aims to cut waiting times by up to 50 per cent, but has only just started operating at Sydney Airport nearly three years after rolling out to other terminals across the country.

During the Easter holidays, when travelers experienced long waits at the airport, questions were raised as to why the new scanners, which could help alleviate problems caused by COVID-19-related staffing shortages, had not yet been deployed.

Now, nearly four years after the Home Office mandated the upgrades, the new scanners are working at Terminal 3, where Qantas domestic flights depart.

Sydney Airport has not confirmed when the new scanners will go live, but a member of staff said they have been online for about a month. They will be deployed on the other terminals but no timetable has been provided.

Despite a long queue on Thursday evening, passengers passed through security checks quickly with wait times of just 10 minutes.

But the problems facing travelers are not over yet. On Monday morning, lines stretched again outside Terminal 2 and along the sidewalk, with the airport citing heavy fog and a “technical problem” with security for the delays. Airlines continue to recommend that domestic passengers arrive 90 minutes before their flight.

Meanwhile, Melbourne Airport has confirmed the new scanners are now working at Terminal 2 for international flights, while Virgin Australia passengers, who are currently being screened at Terminal 3, will soon be moved through security screening extended from Terminal 4, which has had the new scanners in operation since late 2019.

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