filter – Footnotes with dynamic title attributes?

I want title The text of my footnote includes the footnote itself.

I am using plain wordpress without plugins. I have a lot of posts:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[^latin], consectetur adipiscing elit...
[^latin]: Other Latin texts are available

These render fine on my website. But the title text just says “read footnote”.

I want it to look like this too:

The pop-up now has full text.

I know that I can use these definitions to override the default text:

@define( 'MARKDOWN_FN_LINK_TITLE',     __( 'Read my amazing footnote.', 'jetpack' ) );
@define( 'MARKDOWN_FN_BACKLINK_TITLE', __( 'Go back to the main content.', 'jetpack' ) );

Where can I put these, and what code would I need to make LINK_TITLE show the text of the footnote?

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