filter – How to use apply_filters(‘get_calendar’) to change get_calendar() output?

I am completely new to using apply_filters() when creating a topic. I use a standard WordPress widget to display the calendar. However I need to change my HTML output to get a link button in the current month at certain location. this is how i found apply_filters() function but I don’t know how to use it.

Am I right I can achieve the desired effect with this?

original work get_calendar() Below is a part of the code:

if ( $next ) {
    $calendar_output .= "\n\t\t" . '<span class="wp-calendar-nav-next"><a href="' . get_month_link( $next->year, $next->month ) . '">' . $wp_locale->get_month_abbrev( $wp_locale->get_month( $next->month ) ) . ' &raquo;</a></span>';
} else {
    $calendar_output .= "\n\t\t" . '<span class="wp-calendar-nav-next">&nbsp;</span>';

change what i want else Output for:

$calendar_output .= "\n\t\t" . '<span class="wp-calendar-nav-next"><a href="#">My link</a></span>';

I know if I copy get_calendar() For my function.php I would be able to do whatever I want, but if wordpress gives us such a possibility I would like to try to build it using any filters or hooks.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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