General Terms in Computer Programming

  1. programmer Someone who has the ability to write and design program code using a particular programming language.
  2. developer Someone who is in charge of creating and designing systems, implementing and developing systems in the future.
  3. nobody Someone who is in charge of maintaining and maintaining the system.
  4. Server A tool that performs data requests or application requirements on the client side.
  5. browser Software that receives and presents information resources on the Internet
  6. cookies Authentication trace data is stored in the browser application memory such as, Username, Password, Email, User Location, e.t.c
  7. cash User trace is data that is stored in the application or browser memory, such as site visits, links, etc.
  8. database It is a set of data that is systematically stored in a computer so that it can be easily reused later.
  9. information It is a fact that represents something like human, animal, events, concepts, situations, etc., which can be recorded and has an implied meaning.
  10. DBMS (database management system) is software or software for running and managing databases, for example: MySQL, PosgreSQL, MongoDB, SQL Sever, Oracle, etc.
  11. http It is a useful protocol for communication between different systems.
  12. HTTP Header There is additional information that can be sent by the client or the server.
  13. manners A regulatory system that allows the connection, communication, and transfer of data between two or more computers.
  14. front end Developer is the programmer in charge of producing a display which includes layout, feedbacketc. from a website, so that users can directly view and interact with the website.
  15. back-end developer There is normally a programmer on the server, application, database, e.t.c. code written by back-end developer This is what bridges the information database the browser.
  16. full stack builder is a programmer who is able to work as a front end And back-end At the same time.
  17. web status a website where the information contained therein cannot be accessedUpdate through website application but have to change script that is in it.
  18. dynamic web a website where the information contained therein can be accessedUpdate directly on the website, without changing script which is on the website.
  19. debug It is the process of finding, discovering and overcoming the problems inherent in a program that may interfere with the smooth use of the program from various sides.
  20. worm Is Mistake or any error found in an application program that interferes with the smooth use of the application.
  21. syntax i.e. grammar in programming language.
  22. method / function is a block of code that can be reused across certain processes as needed.
  23. API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions, sub routinecommunication protocol, or tool to create software.
  24. rest api , Representational State Transfer ) is a software architectural style that defines the rules for creating web services.
  25. Web service A computer is an application designed to support the interconnection and interaction between web-based applications connected via a network.
  26. JSON , javascript object notation ) is a standard file format that uses human-readable text, consisting of key and value pairs, to exchange data.
  27. url , Uniform Resource Locator ) is an address to access the resource.
  28. CLI , command line interface ) is a text-based interface used to operate software and operating systems using text commands.
  29. VC’s , version control system) There is a system that can manage any changes made from time to time.
  30. hosting Renting a space to accommodate all the data required by the website so that it can be accessed over the Internet.
  31. workspace The unique name used to identify the address is ( ip address ) server computer, such as a web server or email server
  32. web workers There is a JavaScript script that can run behind the scenes so it doesn’t interfere with the display of the page being opened.
  33. SQL , Structured Query Language ) is a programming language specifically used to access data/databases.
  34. Programming language generation:

    • machine language (binary code)
    • Assembly Language (Mnemonic Code Code)
    • procedural programming
    • GL (Structured Query Language)
    • OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  35. ajax , Asynchronous Javascript and XML ) is a web-based application programming technology for creating interactive web applications.
  36. Ideal There is one way to look at the problem.
  37. programming paradigm A style or way of writing a program. Including ways to solve problems in the program.
  38. functional programming is a programming paradigm in which a computer program is executed by evaluating the expressions contained in the computer program.
  39. Algorithm Logical is a sequence of steps that are systematically arranged to solve a problem.
  40. pseudocode / pseudocode is a short description of a computer programming algorithm using structural convection in a programming language to be made more human-readable, not machine-readable.
  41. flowchart is a chart showing the flow chart of a program that displays the steps in the form of graphic symbols and their sequence is associated with arrows.
  42. dynamic typing That is, the data type of a variable does not need to be declared before it can be used. As a result, when the program is executed, a variable may refer to a string data type at one time and a numeric data type at another time.
  43. static typing That is, it is necessary to declare the data type of a variable before it can be used. Therefore, while the program is running, the variable refers only to the specified data type.
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  45. higher order function is a function whose parameter contains at least one function, or returns another function.
  46. curry There is a technique of transforming the function Different Parameters/arguments in multiple function fragments. Every function must take every parameter that exists.
  47. adamant Javascript has an immutable data type.
  48. variable Javascript has a data type that can be changed.
  49. web scraping Is the process of retrieving data from a website.

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