Go Live with Drag and Drop – React and NodeJS Apps

Hello Coders!

The video mentioned in this article demonstrates how to deploy LIVE full-stack projects using only the URL of the target repository as input. implementation uses a open-source python library which creates a simplified interface renderThe infrastructure used for deployment.

three during the performance projects are deployed through drag & drop Gesture without touching code or pulling sources locally. Thanks for reading!

The resources Ingredients used in:

video transcript

  • Access Live Deployer Tool
  • I explain the concept
  • Generate a new React and NodeJS the product
  • I Deploy generated project using Drag & Drop
  • Deploy Live React Horizon UI
  • Deploy Live Flask API Server
  • Reconfigure Horizon UI to use Flask API

Thanks for reading! For more resources and support, please reach out to:

  • Free Support (email and Discord) provided by AppSeed
  • Free Apps Built in Flask, Django, and More [React]

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