good to know the world

and the culture of the people you work with

I usually enjoy the discomfort of not knowing something. And then I find out about this thing and I go completely crazy to know more. And ever since I started working in companies that have all kinds of people, I try to absorb as much of the culture and differences around me as possible.

These days I was totally obsessed Diwali, For those who do not know, Diwali is one such festival in India which is known as the festival of lights and happiness. All the cities lit up to celebrate the victory of light over darkness. And I was able to learn all this only through my co-workers, who were going out to travel and gather with their families and enjoy and celebrate the holidays. Many also shared about their childhood watching the anime Ramayan: The Legend of Prince Rama during the holidays.

Oh and there was also the big game of Cricket World Cup Pakistan vs India during this year’s Diwali, the great rivals, to brighten up the holiday even more. Cricket in India is like football in Brazil, and Pakistan vs India is like a big game between Brazil and Argentina!

And it’s good to know our world as: Different, But sometimes it is also very disturbing because there are differences in the world which are not so beautiful, but that make you meet wonderful people. Amazing women like the one I met today: Meetal Avital,

Meital is a manager at Red Hat and is from Israel. But in addition to being an incredible manager who cares about choosing the right words to speak to each of the different people she manages, she’s also a woman. An Israeli woman who treats all women who happen to be in her own country.

And then she told me: 6 years ago, her husband had fled the country leaving her and the kids. “She’s going to get divorced”, we think. But then she tells me that as much as she really wants a divorce, she doesn’t have the right as a woman to ask for a divorce. That’s right, she is stuck in a relationship and neither of them wants to be in it.

But she didn’t stop there: she started fighting for women’s rights in Israel. She has become the voice of women in a country where military service is compulsory for women but they do not have the right to divorce. And her voice is having an effect: She was even able to change a law in Israel that allows divorced women to have more children after marriage.

And what does this have to do with technology? Our team is made up of people and if your team is global like mine, the culture of each of these people influences how they are, what they do and what they believe. And a team only exists when relationships exist. But real relationships, so I assimilate everything. I also absorb the injustice of cricket not being able to divorce a wonderful woman.

I learn a lot about the world, but mostly about the people, because technology will always be about the people.

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