how to use url and amin-ajax.php?

I am trying to redirect users back to a main page with a success message followed by a submit button with PHP and AJAX. However, users are sent to a blank page with the message. I believe it’s called admin-ajax.php. to do with the location of

Here is my code:

                //data type that is being thrown around
                dataType: "json",
                // whether or not data is being posted or not
                type: "post",
                // serializing creates a URL encoded text string
                data: jQuery("#myForm").serialize(),
                // this is the location in which the url takes the data
                url: "../admin-ajax.php",
                    if(data.status == 1)


Is "../admin-ajax.php" correct url? How does one interact with other pages without using header() function in php?

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