I can’t stop watching AI color video of 1930s London

There’s a lot of talk in the art and design world about the pros and cons of AI-generated imagery (and let’s be honest, it’s mostly the latter). From deepfakes to nightmare DALL-E 2 creations, we’ve seen plenty of examples of how technology can be used for some nefarious purposes. But every so often we see something really spectacular.

This incredible digitally remastered footage uses AI to colorize footage of 1930s London, and it’s so crisp and bright it looks like you’re actually there. Video Restore NASS (opens in new tab) Upgraded hundreds of street footage on YouTube, and even boosted it to a super-smooth 60 FPS. Watch the London video below, and for some more questionable examples of AI-generated video, take a look at the most horrifying deepfakes around.

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