I want to please my customers!

The modern day enterprise developer is wrapped in a body of thick insulation, literally the body while you churn through the tickets from above, your managers, superiors and leads are taking the flak and taking the pain upon themselves. And you have to think… I’m glad it’s not me, let me fix this bug.

It wasn’t forefilling, I measure my success on promotion and I wasn’t really being promoted.. I’m starting to see that it’s clear to me now that I worked hard and didn’t care about the customer Thi was not my job, you can be like me, not feeling “I care about UX” is really just a way of saying that I care this product doesn’t bother Me

I moved away from being a traditional developer for this reason, no more insulation, no longer understanding motivations from high, adding complexity, cognitive load and stress to endless function, I’ve been a consultant for 2 years, here’s what I learned Is.

Once, I

When you meet with a customer you have one shot at hearing what they have to say, so keep your ears open, it’s easy to know a few tricks to juggle answers but not another chance to hear you summarily So ask questions and take notes while you talk, it’s okay to say I’m taking notes.

Bring a glass of water, it’s like a job interview.

As an expert on the subject of the product, you become the real product lead on this specific topic so act like it and lead.

ok to say no

Triple your guesses and set a personal goal of achieving it in 20% of the time

Never give an exact answer to the question of how long it will take! Just a breakdown of how to get to that point

I care about the customer, but I also want to see them succeed, I need to know their plans and recommend ways that may contradict their suggestions

where do i go from here? Soon I am going back to growth with the belief that I can lead, I will see this type of role in future, but can I just say that it was not a linear path, this kind of career taught me a lot about the whole company I work for and I wonder if maybe you’re trying to go in straight lines and maybe you need to waver?

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