I’m glad Apple’s new iPads are confusing everyone else too

Apple revealed three new 2022 iPads this week with no launch event and only a press release to help make sense of them. We are still confused, but we are glad we are not alone.

Since the new iPads appeared on Apple’s online store on Tuesday, fans have been trying to make sense of the new lineup, which now features two entry-level iPads, one of which is significantly more expensive than the other, while you Expected specs may not be offered. , To see what all the fuss is about, check out the full list of the current iPad generation as it stands now, or read on for all the bewildered reaction (and memes).

(image credit: Apple)

Apple introduced three new iPads on Tuesday. There are two new iPad Pros, replacing last year’s 11in and 12.9 tablets with massive incremental upgrades. They now pack the M2 chip instead of the M1 and offer some new features like the “Apple Pencil Hover Experience”. There aren’t many surprises there, and some people have been disappointed that they don’t offer any more upgrades than the 2021 tablet.

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