Introducing ZenStack: A Schema-First Toolkit for Creating CRUD Services in Next.js Projects

Next.js is evolving rapidly and is becoming an increasingly attractive option for building full-stack web apps. However, coding the backend part of the app, especially implementing CRUD services efficiently and securely, is still difficult (and boring too).

ZenStack is a toolkit that simplifies the creation of CRUD services with a schema-first approach. It provides a modeling language to define data models, relationships and access policies and then generates RESTful CRUD services (with authorization) and React hooks for you. This allows you to share types between client and server-side coding and achieve end-to-end type safety without pain.

We aim to save you time writing boilerplate code and focus on building what matters – the user experience.

If this sounds relevant, please also check out the excellent detailed tutorial by @jiasheng on how to use it in action.

Plus, join us on Discord to chat and the latest updates!

have fun!

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