Italian holiday town imposes €500 fines on tourists who go shirtless in public

The holiday hotspot introduces strict fines for topless.

A popular Italian holiday hotspot is putting a stop to people wearing swimsuits or going shirtless in public.

Sorrento in Italy has introduced new laws that punish anyone caught walking around topless with a fine of up to €500.

The town’s mayor, Massimo Coppola, said tourists were threatening residents’ “quality of life” by baring their chests.

The mayor said: “This behavior is seen by the majority of people as contrary to the decorum and decency that characterizes civilized cohabitation.

“The continuation of this situation, in addition to causing discomfort and discomfort in the resident population and among visitors, could lead to a negative judgment on the quality of life in our city, with consequences for its image and for tourism. .”

According to reports, the new rules will only be applied to individual tourists; however, companies offering tours to these areas agree that the way a person is dressed is part of responsible tourism.

Sorrento is on the Sorrentine Peninsula south of Naples.

Its scenic coastline is a glamorous destination for its sheer cliffs, sparkling Mediterranean views and colorful houses.

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