Javascript – Create timestamp link to jump to specific time on Rumble video

Although I appreciate user141080’s effort to respond to your question, he kind of gave a befitting reply that didn’t address your concern.

I believe the question was how to create a timestamp link for a rumble video. It didn’t ask about third party software.

A hyperlink is a web browser function that takes an address as well as an occasional argument to clarify a condition for a web server response, such as a video start time.

Best answer: You can add: ?start=xx (or &start=xx for an additional parameter) to the end of the link, where xx = the number of seconds the video starts in.

To start the video at 33:22, first convert to seconds. or×55&start=2002

There might be a simpler way to insert the minutes, but I thought of it on the fly and Rumble is using seconds for the start time.


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