MongoDB Atlas Hackathon 2022 Announced at DEV!

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We are thrilled to announce our latest challenge on DEV in partnership with our friends at MongoDB: the MongoDB Atlas Hackathon 2022,

MongoDB Atlas Hackathon 2022 announced at DEV

If you’re familiar with our hackathons here at DEV, you know that the community has a lot of fun with them and gets very creative with what they create. Whether you’ve been with us in the past or not, we look forward to getting you in the ring by participating in the MongoDB Atlas Hackathon 2022 at DEV!

From now until December 8th, MongoDB is offering you the opportunity to use your ingenuity and creativity to build applications using MongoDB’s cloud based developer data platform, MongoDB Atlas. In addition to getting the chance to participate in a community event, showcase your skills, and learn something new, anyone who submits a legitimate project (including an official submission post published on DEV) will automatically receive a variety of Entry will be given to win amazing prizes. Prizes (including up to USD 1,000).

All about MongoDB

If you’ve been a member of the DEV community for some time, you’ve probably come across articles from the genius team on MongoDB (many members of their team have been using DEV for years).

You are probably already familiar with MongoDB, the wildly popular and open source document database. but have you found out MongoDB Atlas, It is much more than a database, it is a full developer data platform that provides built-in data services for full-text search, analysis, data visualization, edge-to-cloud sync and more.

This hackathon is the perfect opportunity to build your own application around these use cases without the added complexity of additional tools. MongoDB believes that working with data doesn’t have to be hard, and they have built a seamless developer experience to help you build. We’re excited to partner with you for this MongoDB Atlas Hackathon and can’t wait to see what you create. Read on for full details.

How to participate in MongoDB Atlas Hackathon 2022 at DEV?

MongoDB has a forever free tier – no credit card required – so you can go ahead and start building your application without worrying about buying credit.

  1. Register your presence and create a MongoDB Atlas account using this registration page, or sign-in if you have an existing account.

  2. Build an app using MongoDB Atlas—the cloud offering by MongoDB—that falls under one of the categories below.

  3. The code should be made publicly available on GitHub.

  4. The code must be licensed with a permissive license (MIT, Apache-2, etc.).

  5. Publish an overview of the app on DEV between November 8th and December 8th using this submission template.

  6. Provide demo url of the app, relevant screenshots, description etc.

Project Categories

The MongoDB Atlas Hackathon 2022 at DEV is calling for projects in the following five categories:

  • Search no more: Build an application with full-text search capabilities using MongoDB Atlas and Atlas Search

Advice: MongoDB Atlas provides integrated capabilities for full-text search that allows you to easily build search indexes and queries for your data – directly in the Atlas UI. For this category, be sure to enable Atlas Search and avoid using basic operators like $text or $regex.

(Sample use cases: e-commerce search engine for product catalogs, movie catalogs with fuzzy searching and autocomplete.)

  • about real-time Build a front-end application using MongoDB Atlas and change streams to display live updates as your database changes.

Advice: Change streams in MongoDB Atlas allow applications to access data transformations in real time without the complexity and risk of oplog tails. Applications can use change streams to subscribe to all data changes on a single collection, database, or entire deployment, and react to them immediately. See the article on Transformation Streams in JavaScript for inspiration.

(Sample use cases: stock market tickers, chat applications, dashboards for IoT sensors.)

  • js think outside the box Build an application using MongoDB Atlas with any language that is not JavaScript. You can use the farm stack with Python, Quercus, and Java, PHP, or any other language of your choice that is supported by MongoDB’s native drivers.

Advice: MongoDB has native drivers in over 12 languages. While MEAN and MERN are often regarded as de facto standards, MongoDB provides the flexibility to work with almost any stack of your choice.

(Sample use cases: as simple as a TODO application or as wild as your imagination can go!)

  • google cloud superstar Build a Modern Application with MongoDB Atlas and Google Cloud

Advice: Use your favorite Google Cloud APIs with MongoDB Atlas to build highly scalable modern applications. You can open a Google Cloud account and get $300 free credit. Check out the Cloud API page for ideas!

(Sample Use Cases: Analyze Text Sentiment with Google Cloud Natural Language API and Atlas App Services, Build and Deploy a Serverless Application with Google Cloud Run and MongoDB Atlas, Machine with Google BigQuery for Your Atlas Data Build a learning prediction model.)

  • Choose your own adventure: Use MongoDB Atlas to build an application that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories. The more creative and wacky, the better. Not sure what to make? Load up some sample data, and get started right away.

(Note: The winners we select in this category will be the ones who are super creative and wacky! Feel free to go as random as possible.)


five grand prize winners (one per category):

  • $1,000 USD gift card or equivalent
  • $300 USD credit to Forum Shop
  • MongoDB Grand Prize Swag Package
  • $50 in Atlas Credits
  • dev sticker pack
  • DEV “MongoDB Atlas Hackathon 2022” Grand Prize Profile Badge

runner up award (10 total – in all categories):

  • $500 USD gift card or equivalent
  • $150 USD credit to Forum Shop
  • MongoDB Runner-up Swag Package
  • $50 in Atlas Credits
  • dev sticker pack
  • DEV “MongoDB Atlas Hackathon 2022” Runner-up Profile Badge

participants (with a valid project):

  • dev sticker pack
  • DEV “MongoDB Atlas Hackathon 2022” Participant Profile Badge

Shipping cost is included. If shipping outside the US, international customs duties and duties may apply. Please research your local import laws for more information on customs duties or contact with any questions.

Additional notes and rules:

  • We encourage you to share the update post on DEV #atlashhackathon22 Tag us to post your progress (Hint: use series: [“series name”] In the markdown title of all your MongoDB Atlas Hackathon related posts to link all the content in one chain)
  • Multiple submissions are allowed, but an entrant (whether an individual, team or entity) may win only once in a particular contest.
  • If you collaborate with someone, please list their DEV handle in your submission post so we can award a profile badge to your entire team! DEV does not handle prize-sharing, so if your project is named a grand prize-winner or runner-up, you’ll need to split them up. thanks for understanding!

no purchase necessary. Open up to 18+ only. Contest entry period ends 8 December 2022, 11:59 PM UTC. Contest is void where prohibited or restricted by law or regulation. All entries must be new projects and created during the hackathon period. For official rules, see the competition announcement page and general competition official rules.

community support

To ask any questions about MongoDB or the rules of this contest, leave a comment in the MongoDB Atlas Hackathon 2022 help thread., Our team will monitor this space in collaboration with the MongoDB team to answer your questions. You can also join the MongoDB official community here.

Need some outside inspiration and guidance? Who doesn’t! We encourage all participants to follow our community discussion thread where you can share your thoughts and receive suggestions on improvements from the DEV community as you build your app. You can also use the discussion thread to share your progress along with how to get support from others.

Also, the MongoDB team a . will conduct live stream November 11, 2022 @ 10:00am EST (2pm UTC). Stay tuned with us for details on how to join the stream. I

Important Dates

  • 8 November 2022Hackathon start
  • 8 December 2022:hackathon submission 11:59 PM UTC
  • December 9, 2022: The submission decision begins

Winners will be selected and announced within three weeks of the final submission deadline.

We’re so excited for you to join us in this brand new hackathon with our friends at MongoDB. Have fun, learn a lot, and keep us posted along the way.

Good luck and happy coding! I

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