Multisite – How to sync posts to multi sites

I have a multi-site network and I need to have a “main” site where I can add posts, taxonomies and pages (and translations about them) and I can share different post types on different sites. I want the possibility of my network. For example:

In my network:

  • main point
  • site 1
  • site 2
  • site 3

On the main site I have these posts:

Each post can have a lot of data related (taxonomies, custom fields, translations, etc.).

So for “Post 1” I want that to be shared with Site 1 and Site 2. For “post 2” I want it to be shared on site 2 only.

All these post types should be synced.

Is it possible to do this?

I thought of two solutions, but I have no idea to make them.

1° Solution:
Using the main site to create posts and then sync them to other sites where I want to share my posts. So if the post does not exist, it must be created or otherwise updated.

2° solution
In the main site, I create posts where I specify which sites the post should be shared on, and then on each site, I extract related posts from the main site.

What is the best solution to manage this scenario? Are there other solutions? Is there a WP function that helps me do it? I think multisite is fine in this scenario for easy way to manage plugins and themes, but I want certain things to be shared across sites in my network.

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