mysql – live site doesn’t update after importing sql database

My live website is not updating after importing sql database from wamp local server until last time all correct but last night i was not able to see live changes made in local. What I did: – worked in the local creation page and uploaded a new contact php page and a contact template – made some changes to the front end (style) – exported the database in sql format – changed the link to sql (stay local) for) – imported live mysql database – updated stylesheet with changes and ftp . Also uploaded new contact form to live through

nothing happen. Only the style changes took effect I didn’t add any new menus nor any new pages I created. The contact form doesn’t exist, and so is the new template I made for the form. In practice, DB SQL Live didn’t change.

I have updated wordpress 4.2 in live website yesterday

P.S. I also disabled cache in wp config to try to solve but nothing changed Thanks in advance 🙂


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