New Git Guidelines: We’ve Switched to Traditional Commits

It’s a good idea to give teams as much autonomy as possible, but having some company-wide guidelines can also help. These guidelines will help you when people change teams, work on multiple products, or train new collaborators.

discuss, decide, repeat

We recently discussed some technology related topics with all the software developers at visuellverstehen. One of the results of this discussion is the new git guidelines. After a short debate, we have officially Switched to traditional commits.

It’s fun to see all the latest commits following the new syntax. I’m curious about what we’re going to say about this change in six or twelve months. Of course we will discuss and decide again – for the better.

new git guidelines

Below you can find the November 2022 version of our git guidelines.

data storage location

  • The repository should be named like this: vvcode-name_of_project


  • Main branch name should be main
  • The people working on the product decide whether they want to work with further branches
  • If you need more branches, it is advisable to add the issue number and a short title inside a branch name, such as:
    • 100-validation-errors
    • 101-basic-search
    • 102-german-translation
    • 103-live-deployment
    • 104-url-formatting


  • We use the syntax from Conventional Commits
  • Commit messages include one of the following prefixes:
    • fix: to fix bugs
    • feat: to introduce new features
    • chore: to make normal changes
    • ci: To work on Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment
    • refactor: To improve existing source code
  • Commit messages must be written in current format
  • Commit messages must be written in English
  • Commit messages must begin with a lowercase character
  • It is advisable to add the issue number to a commit message
  • Practical examples of commit messages:
    • fix: display validation errors properly, refs #100
    • feat: implement basic search, refs #101
    • chore: add correct german translation, refs #102
    • ci: repair live deployment, refs #103
    • refactor: unify URL formatting, refs #104
  • If a commit is a work in progress, it should be marked as:
    • fix: display validation errors properly (WIP), refs #100
    • feat: implement basic search (WIP), refs #101
    • chore: add correct german translation (WIP), refs #102
    • ci: repair live deployment (WIP), refs #103
    • refactor: unify URL formatting (WIP), refs #104

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