Planning a Winter Vacation in the Southwestern United States

If you’re looking for travel ideas in the United States during the winter, add the Southwest to your list.

You can find something for everyone when you plan a winter vacation in the southwestern United States.

The Southwest of the United States is a region filled with stunning landscapes and cultural attractions to explore and photograph.

During the winter, temperatures are more moderate for hiking in Arizona or New Mexico. You can take advantage of the winter cold and snowshoe the trails of Bryce Canyon in Utah!

You’ll find so many ideas for things to do in the Southwest USA that the hardest part will be deciding what NOT to add to your to-do list!

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United States Southwest Packing List

When visiting the Southwest United States, it is important to be prepared. This includes wearing appropriate clothing and footwear to be comfortable for the climate and terrain.

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Outdoor gear we recommend! Travel gear and hiking gear

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The best times to visit the Southwest of the United States

One of the first things you need to research is what it’s like to visit these places at different times of the year to decide the best time to go!

Spring and fall are the most popular times to visit the Southwest as the temperatures are best for outdoor activities, but they are also the busiest times. Summer is HOT in the southwest. It’s not our favorite time to visit.

We prefer winter vacations in the southwest to avoid the crowds and the heat. Yes, some locations will be cold with rain and snowstorms possible at any time, but we pack for the weather and know we have to be flexible!

Activities to do in the Southwest United States

Discover all the activities, tours and things to photograph in the Southwest of the United States.

Road Trips in the South West

If you’re looking for the best way to explore the Southwestern States, we recommend a Southwestern United States road trip!

Scenic Drives in the Southwest

You’ll find beautiful scenic drives in various national parks and other locations in the Southwestern United States.

Hiking in the South West

Hiking is one of the best ways to experience the Southwestern United States and see the spectacular scenery up close!

Photograph of the southwestern United States

The American Southwest is a landscape photographer’s dream! Arches, balanced rocks, hoodoos, and river-carved canyons provide great photographic opportunities.

Utah National Parks Photography Guide Set

Ideas for Planning a Winter Vacation in the Southwestern United States

For this article, we share information about visiting these five southwestern states of the United States: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.

Sedona Arizona in winter with snow

Arizona Winter Vacation Ideas

Winter is the perfect time to hike along desert spiers, river canyons and labyrinths of red rock formations in Arizona…without the heat! Here is a list of places to visit and things to do in winter in Arizona.

Arizona Winter Tours

garden of the gods in winter with snow

Colorado Winter Vacation Ideas

The southern part of Colorado is a wonderful place to explore the native history of this region. Here is a list of places to visit and things to do in winter in Colorado.

Colorado Tours

valley of fire state park

Nevada Winter Vacation Ideas

The winter season in Southern Nevada is just about perfect for outdoor activities. There are many things to do in Nevada during the winter months:

Tours in Nevada

  • Nevada Tours: Jeep and ATV Tours, Helicopter Tours, Hoover Dam Tour
hot air balloon with the symbol of New Mexico

New Mexico Winter Vacation Ideas

You can’t beat New Mexico during the winter months for enjoying outdoor activities. There are many things to do in New Mexico in the winter:

Tours in New Mexico

hikers on the trail to Bryce Canyon in the snow

Winter Vacation Ideas in Southern Utah

The contrast between the white snow and the red rock landscape of southern Utah in winter is breathtaking! There are plenty of places to visit and things to do in Southern Utah during the winter months:

Utah Towers

Use these travel guides, itineraries and tour ideas to plan the perfect route to explore the region!

Plan a vacation in the southwestern United States

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