Plugins – How to modify the submit button on GravityForms

I’m working on a built environment with Elementor on WordPress. The website is using a lot of plugins and I have to remove some to optimize it. Of these, I removed Ultimate Addons for Elementor. I have a form created with Gravity Forms. When I disable Ultimate Addons for Elementor, the form disappears.

I imported the gravity form directly through the Elementor interface. It’s a multipage form and for some reason the submit button styling is broken. I’m not very familiar with adding CSS with GravityForms. I looked online for some docs for a while but couldn’t find anything.

For the submit button, I have selected “End of Form”. However, I don’t know why it is displayed next to the previous button.

Here’s a picture (the submit button is in green).

I tried looking in the Style Pro section in the Gravity Forms options or on Appearance => Customize, but the CSS in this section is really hard to read.

Thank you in advance,

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