Problems with Google Caching WordPress Sites

When clicking on my website from google search. It loads completely broken.

It’s okay if you go directly to our website. no dispute

but. On visiting this from Google. Completely broken.


Type in Google > Tech News Australia > Click in Top Result

You will see, when click on site result (top ranking result for this keyword) the site breaks like this

Please note the following.

This only happens in Google. (Other search engines this is not a problem) If using Brave browser – it’s totally fine. If going directly to my website url – perfectly fine the problem is only when visiting my site from a google search

I have also tried the following troubleshooting steps

Paused CDN Removed caching plugins Other plug-ins Disabled stock ticker and site logo Tried from other WAN connection Cleared my snippet cache from Google Search Console

The problem is only related to google search and google search. By the way it is caching me. I’ve ruled out as many things as I can

one more time. No problem with other search engines Doesn’t happen when using Brave browser in No problem on mobile – desktop only

It’s a 100% Google Cache thing. I can’t have my site. All this rejected. Even disabled all possible caching systems on my end and then flushed a snippet cache in the search console. did not help

I am looking forward to the answer.

The only thing I can think of here is (SXG) a problem with Google’s signed exchanges.

No Malware No Virus Completely Clean (confirmed by three sources and test methods_

I also tried moving my site to a different webhost – from A2 to Cloudways in case it was some kind of serious caching. (Uses A2 Lightspeed) Cloudways Vultre does not

The only thing I haven’t tried yet is moving my DNS away from Cloudflare NS. But can’t see how this would help as I’ve tested and the problem is still completely halted with cloudflare (even after stopping with them you still get some acceleration ) Also haven’t tried removing the DNSSEC code as annoter step with the domain registrar

more notes

I was having this issue with my old wordpress theme (newspaper from tagdiv) so i moved to a new theme from themeruby foxit and the problem was solved completely. Now, a week later, its back

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