Remitano Clone Script – Essential Features (Top 20)

Remitano is one of the crypto exchange platforms available in the crypto world. It was funded in 2014, and the rapidly growing popularity among merchants is due to various features such as different payment methods or poor security. This exchange website has a forum and mission which makes this website stand out among the rivals. Remitano Clone Script is a well-designed and user-friendly platform that allows users to conduct P2P transactions and traditional digital coins hassle-free. To know more about this Exchange Clone Script, we provide detailed information about its features and benefits you can get from using this platform.

Clone Script Features

Ultrafast business matching engine
You can benefit from the ultrafast trade engine based on Clone Script provider. Redindev Development Company is one of the providers that uses this engine, and traders experience sophisticated trading in no time.

crypto wallet integration

Clone Script provides an integrated crypto wallet that supports +100 cryptocurrencies, ICO tokens, DeFi tokens, etc.

peer-to-peer trading

Using this feature, traders can match, sell and buy orders to trade in the P2P trading facility. By this, the business takes place without the intervention of any third party. As popular as this type of trading is, it becomes the preferred choice for exchange users.

trading bot

It is an automated bot that can be linked to crypto platforms. It automatically trades when the price of the respective cryptocurrency reaches the programmed price. By using this fracture, traders can save a lot of time, and there is no need to constantly monitor market prices. Trading bots have many features that make their use more convenient. Some of these features are:

  • 24/7 support for all trading pairs
  • Installation and integration of bots
  • build up liquidity
  • time and money saving
  • Technical support for bots
  • Setting price and profit on spread
  • Simulation of active trades in the order book
  • Potentially increasing your trading volume
  • Supporting investors with order type algorithms

multi language support

This feature ensures all the users around the world that the language will not hinder their business. This simple feature can dramatically improve your exchange trading volume by attracting traders from all over the world.

2-factor authentication

Remitano Clone Script uses 2-factor authentication to provide a high level of security for the platform. Before logging into Clone Exchange, buyers and sellers will need to verify their registered phone number and email address.

margin trading

By adding this feature, traders are allowed to borrow digital assets on crypto exchanges to trade in the spot market. An eligible trader can use Margin Loans to provide positions in excess of his/her account balance.

Trading based on ADS

Trading on the Remitano platform is unique and very easy. The homepage has several sellers’ advertisements with their specific price, preferred bank name, rating and sales range. You have to understand all these details in order to trade.

User Friendly Admin / User Dashboard

In the Remitano admin panel, you have the power to block merchants with suspicious activities, post spam, check others’ profile activity, transactions, etc. In contrast, user profiles include features like easy signup and login, affiliate programming for extras. Revenue by following the market using trading bots and multiple payment options.

Web and mobile compatibility

These clone script services comply with many tools and systems currently available in the market. This computability expands the number of users and significantly increases the trading volume.

Various payment methods

This option allows you to receive payments from your customers via cryptocurrencies in an easy, fast and secure manner. With this feature, your platform users choose to pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, etc.

worldwide availability

Original Remitano and its clone scripts offer their services in more than 30 countries around the world. This availability, along with multiple language support, makes this script popular and easy to use for global traders and expands your potential users.

escrow wallet

It is a legal provision in which a trusted entity, usually a third party, temporarily holds assets until a specific condition is met.
derivatives trading
Derivatives trading is a financial contract between two or more parties whose value is derived from one or a group of crypto assets. These include futures contracts, options, warrants, futures contracts, swaps and more. Nowadays, the main derivatives in the crypto market are futures contracts, perpetual futures and options contracts.

launchpad integration

In general, launchpads are platforms that allow cryptocurrency projects to earn Crow funding and give investors access to coins and tokens before they are publicly launched. This feature has two benefits: 1. raising funds for projects and 2. providing actual projects for their community before they are released to the public. There are three types of Launchpads:

  • Launchpad on Centralized Exchanges
  • IDO Launchpad
  • IGO Launchpad ###Atomic Swap This feature refers to when different cryptocurrencies from different blockchains are exchanged without a third party approving or processing the transaction. The crypto exchange, which usually controls a trade, is completely removed from the equation. ###DEX Remitano Clone Script (like Wazirx Clone Script) is a decentralized exchange which means it allows users to trade assets (like bitcoin and ethereum) more directly and without interference from any third parties .

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smart contract

This is one of the most important parts of any crypto exchange and crypto clone script. It is self-executing, the condition of the agreement between the traders being linked directly with the code. It is responsible for code execution, whereas transactions cannot be reversed but can be tracked.

OTC trading

This feature included in the clone script is an agreement concluded directly between two parties to a trade to execute it without any external governance on the part of an exchange or broker.

Features of the reward

This clone feature is a marketing strategy used by startups during their initial coin offering (ICO) campaigns. This enables them to allocate a specific percentage of their coin supply to promote their project.

Premium Features of Clone Script

Some clone script providers like redindev offer some premium features in addition to the core elements of the script. Some of these premium features are listed in the table below:

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tips to stay safe

Unlike Remitano GitHub, Remitano Clone Script is a safe and secure platform, users should be careful and use some personal security measures. Here are some of these tips and tricks for staying safe:

  • Before starting a business with a user, check their profile to which an ad is posted
  • Trade only with people who have verified accounts with good feedback. Although your money is safe with the platform, if you trade with a user with a bad reputation, your money could be locked up for days in case of a dispute.
  • Try to trade in small amounts.
  • Do not hold funds in the Remitano Script platform so that you can be sure that your assets are safe if your account is at risk.
  • Be sure to use your personal information when registering on the crypto platform. If not, if you lose your account, you will not be able to provide some required documents for KYC registration.
  • Stop the man-in-the-middle-scam. It refers to the situation when a scammer sells stolen coins and obtains money in another person’s bank account. To avoid such a situation, confirm that the recipient bank account details match the seller’s name on Remitano. ##Advantages and Disadvantages of this clone script

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Benefits of this clone script for admins and users

Both sides of the business can benefit from the exclusive benefits of Remitano clones.


  • The software owner has a free hand to verify the KYC and approve the account.
  • The website administrator has complete control over the profile and transaction history and is able to take prompt action in the event of any suspicious conduct.
  • Depending on the situation the admin can influence multiple revenue streams.
  • The owner can choose from various trading options like binary trading, peer-to-peer trading, etc.
  • No trading action can be performed on the Platform without admin management. ###the user
  • Users can trade without worrying about regulation or interruptions due to P2P platforms.
  • Traders have the right to fill out forms to list their tokens on the Remitano Clone Script exchange website.
  • Users can join affiliate program to earn money by promoting the website to their worldwide business partners.
  • Traders can take advantage of IEOs.

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How does this work?

Sign up to start trading

Like any other exchange platform, Remitano’s workflow process begins with signup into the platform and is verified to log in to your account. The verification process will be done using email verification or phone number if KYC details are provided.

check orders

After your verification, the funds are received, and the cryptocurrency will be released from escrow to your wallet. Escrow security layers help protect your users from scams and fraud. You can go to the exchange platform and search for ad listings. Then check the terms of each ad. These terms include amount, accepted payment methods, trade limits, etc.

choose an order

The trading process starts once the buyer and seller advertisements match perfectly. You can click on Buy or Sell button if such suitable advertisement is found.

payment process

Once trading begins, sellers’ crypto is held in an escrow wallet until the seller confirms payment. After confirmation of payment, the seller must acknowledge that they have received the money. The crypto is sent to the buyer’s wallet after the escrow services confirm the payment from the seller.

Brief description of Remitano Clone Script

The original Remitano was funded in 2014 as an exchange platform through which people could quickly buy and sell bitcoin. This Escrow P2P exchange platform has a simple UI, user-friendly customer service and lowest fees as compared to its competitors, which makes it popular in the crypto world. They have a professional team in financial products, e-commerce, payment systems and agile software development. This exchange software enables users to trade crypto with cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

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