Shortcodes – Best practices in frontpage design: Oxygen from scratch or running blocks?

Sorry if this is somewhat non-technical. I’m interested if there are any best practice guidelines I can consult or seek advice from.

We have assigned a developer to create a webpage in WordPress. The front page created by the developer is completely in Oxygen, the code is unreadable, and if we try to move any section, we break the warranty. The design consists of several blocks that are set one after the other, or sometimes in parallel that display different types (such as news, blogs, collections, events, etc.)

As much as I understand WordPress – even “author rich content with blocks and patterns”, “customize your entire site with block themes”, “change the look and feel of your site with styles” in ads Also – Frontpage should include multiple blocks and patterns that can be turned on and off, moved around, and customized individually. If we’re getting a frontpage that can only be tweaked by instructing the developer, are they really using WordPress as it should be used? Is it common practice among WordPress developers to build Frontpage entirely in Oxygen?

Sorry for the case-specific question. Trying to figure out why they would make simple blocks from scratch. More generally, are there best practices documentation for creating a WordPress front-page that we can consult? Is it often more common to build a harder to edit front-page, or is it more standard to use and combine widgets to create these blocks that can be moved?

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