A forgotten Subway sandwich costs Australian traveler Jessica Lee $2,664 when she arrives home

Jessica Lee has gone viral on TikTok after recounting how a Subway sandwich cost her a $2,664 fine when she arrived in Australia. The most expensive sandwich in the world is a toasted cheese battered in champagne and sprinkled with gold flakes from New York’s Serendipity 3 which sells for US$214 ($311). But one woman … Read more

Couple are ‘bubbling’ after Qantas cancels flight and books baby on separate flight

Airlines around the world are struggling to meet customer demands due to understaffed call centers. Photo: Getty A couple are ‘bubbling’ after Qantas booked their baby on a separate flight and then refused to accept responsibility. Stephanie and Andrew Braham were in Rome when Qantas canceled their flight home and rebooked them on a different … Read more

Paid destinations for visitors

The famous Tiger’s Nest monastery in Bhutan. Photo: Kardd Stuck in the mountainous recesses between India and China, Bhutan is a particular mix. This is Shangri-la incarnate, the last Buddhist Himalayan kingdom, a high, misty, sequestered world of chanting monks and mountaintop monasteries, where the Gross National Happiness Index replaces Gross Domestic Product as the … Read more

Barefoot Kuata reopens on the Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Barefoot Kuata has its own private beach and the fringing reefs offer spectacular diving and snorkeling. Barefoot Kuata offers a deliberately back-to-basics approach to vacationing in Fiji, which isn’t to say that Yasawa Islands property is devoid of comforts. It’s just that peace, quiet and nature are the priorities, unpretentious and unpretentious being its calling … Read more