The best back to college deals

University is expensive, it’s no secret! That’s why I like to save where I can. Recently I made some great finds for Camden College Dorm at Walmart. I’ve found great prices on everything from laptops to tablets to headphones to desks and more. I’m sharing some of my favorite finds below to help you prepare to send your kids back to school this fall. You can find everything listed and more on or local Walmart stores.

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Best Technological Discoveries

First, there’s all the tech gear, because I find that’s the category that adds up the fastest, and it’s also the items college kids tend to use the most.

Money Spot –

Camden’s laptop was outdated, so I bought a Samsung Chromebook for him. It was a much more affordable option, especially with Walmart’s everyday low prices. And, with Google Suite, he always has the option of downloading and storing all his school projects. I think the 12.5 hour battery life will also help it.

Dorm life can be loud and distracting, so this year Cam is back with these noise canceling headphones from onn. Not only can you mute the world with active noise cancellation, but you can also enable Ambient Sound mode which allows sound to pass through while still enjoying your audio.


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One of the benefits of Cam’s College is access to a well-equipped gym. Thus, Cam spends much of his free time working on his fitness. So I surprised him with a new pair of Beats Studio Buds – he was thrilled! He had mentioned them because apparently they come with several soft silicone eartips allowing for a custom fit that stays in your ear better than the competition while working out. He has already tested them in the gym and on a flight and gives them rave reviews.

Get organized

All the technical stuff is fun, but a well-organized study space is an absolute must. Since college students tend to move around so much every 4-5 years while they’re in school, we like to take a minimal approach to furnishing their dorm room.

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I knew I could count on Walmart for a functional desk that would easily fit into our budget and this Mainstays desk did just that. It cost just under $33 and was small enough not to take up too much space while still providing enough room for Cam to do all of its work. I also liked that there are 2 built-in shelves for more storage.

Walmart also has great office chair options. The girls and I had our eyes set on this plush Pearl Blush velvet chair or this faux fur swivel chair, but since we were shopping with Camden, we opted for something a little more masculine.

We were deciding between this vinyl mesh task chair and this director’s chair that was a similar style with arms. We ended up going with the latter because Cam liked the arms.

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Wall calendar/whiteboard

In order to keep Cam’s desk neat and tidy, I chose this clean acrylic cup organizer and dimmable LED desk lamp. I’ve also found great prices on items like Expo markers, pens, pencils, paper, highlighters, backpacks and more. I even found this awesome dry erase wall calendar for just $8.87!

Keep them comfortable

When I chatted with Cam about the must-have items he had last year, he mentioned shower shoes, as well as things like paper plates (he hated doing the dishes in a dorm with no sink), a anti-wrinkle spray (he hates ironing) and an air fryer. All of which you can save big on at Walmart.

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They also have great sets of towels and bedding. How cool is this 25 piece set? It has everything your college needs for a good night’s sleep away from home, plus a roll-up lockable storage chest that would be really useful at school.

Oh, and Cam wanted me to let you know that these oatmeal cups were perfect for keeping him on track with his macros. You can heat water in an electric kettle or, like him, in a Keurig.

Check out these resources

Every child’s college experience is unique, so it’s hard to figure out exactly what they’ll need to take with them. To make sure you don’t forget anything, check out Walmart’s college checklist here on (url TBD?) or in the app. They have also created this page just for students to make shopping easier for their specific needs. Or just go to your local Walmart store, I’m sure you’ll find everything your student needs there.

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