Uniswap Clone Script (Top 10 Features)

Uniswap Clone Script is one of the popular crypto platforms in the market due to its incredible benefits. The original Uniswap is a convention built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses ERC20 tokens for trading. This clone script is a quick and pre-built programming setup originally designed to assist traders in dispatching their DeFi-based cryptocurrency trading phases. using a uniswap clone, users can create their own DeFi-based digital currency trading platform, much like Uniswap. Due to its great features, we aim to provide essential features and add-ons that shape its outstanding capabilities in the crypto world.

##Features of Uniswap Clone Script
automated market maker
An Automated Market Maker or AMM is a Uniswap feature clone that allows digital assets to be traded without permission and automatically using liquidity pools instead of the traditional market of traders. It is worth mentioning that traders offer different prices for an asset on traditional crypto exchange websites.

flash swapping

This feature is similar to Aave Flash. This allows users to get tokens as long as you:

  1. return them optimistically
  2. pay for them
  3. Partially refund/pay for them at the end of the transaction. ###Oracles Price oracle feature is any tool for viewing price information about a specific asset. This keeps the system UpToDate and allows users to verify identities (for example, loans). When you look at stock prices on your phone, you are actually using your phone as a price oracle. ###No Intermediaries One of the features that differentiate this clone script from traditional trading is that there is no trusted middleman to trade with. Thus, users can trade directly from their own Ethereum self-custodial wallet, such as MetaMask, via the Ethereum blockchain network. This is something that makes this platform a decentralized exchange. ###High Revenue on Investment One of the outstanding features of Clone Script is the high ROI. It refers to the revenue on investment and can be calculated by subtracting the original value of the crypto from its selling price. After that, you need to divide this result by the actual cost of the investment. Furthermore, the Uniswap calculator makes it easy for users to analyze their investments in the platform and find the best liquidity pool. ###Expert Mode The Expert Mode feature is designed for experts, so don’t use it if you’re not an expert. The Expert Mode feature allows for super-high slippage trades. This can result in a lower exchange rate between assets and may even cause the user to lose part of their original assets or funds. However, if the user is an experienced trader, there may be opportunities they want to miss. For example, some defined coins have posted exceptional daily gains over a few months, and in such a fast-paced market it may not be easy to spot using normal slippage tolerances. Instead, an expert user can settle swaps faster than an average user, by determining high slippage and closing confirmed transaction signals.

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Token swap/exchange

This clone script allows this function by trading one token with another token. It does this by exchanging the first token with another token in Ethereum and then buying another token so that the user can trade those tokens directly.

own custody token

The owner of this platform will have a DEX as a safe option for their traders and swing tokens in a somewhat centralized exchange that works in a custodial manner.

anonymous trading

Uniswap clone enables users to trade in private mode anonymously. Buyers and sellers can take advantage of anonymity using a secret protocol. It also allows private trading on various cryptocurrencies. A trader can buy or sell anonymously against huge liquidity pools, which in turn reduces slippage.

flexible token exchange

In this cloned Uniswap exchange app or website, anyone can swap tokens, add tokens to the pool to receive funds, or list tokens on the platform. Uniswap pools tokens into smart contracts, then users can trade against these liquidity pools.
Since this platform is a DEX, traders get the benefit of greater privacy protection. Clone protocols are permissionless and do not require KYC. So, your platform users can trade without registering and entering the market. The entire structure of such platforms is made to work anonymously.

market maker bot

  • Provides 24/7 support for all trading pairs
  • Potentially increasing your trading volume
  • Installation and integration of bots
  • build up liquidity
  • Provides order type algorithms to investors
  • Technical support for bots
  • Simulation of active trades in the order book
  • Setting price and profit on spread Other features of Uniswap clone script are listed below:
  • competitive pricing
  • support multiple wallets
  • no money holding
  • secure transaction
  • Payment Gateways
  • token versatility
  • ERC20 token trading
  • lack of order book
  • highly confidential
  • ensured trading volume
  • network switching
  • state-of-the-art liquidity

Clone Script Add-ons

Some development companies that provide Uniswap clone scripts and DeFi clone scripts, such as RadinDev, use add-ons to improve their proposed platforms. Some of these add-ons are:

web 3.0

Due to the use of blockchain technology, Web 3.0 provides a decentralized network.

liquidity tools

In the platform pool, there exists a collection of different tokens, all of which are under a smart contract on the Ethereum network.

produce farming

This process enables crypto holders to tie up their money and receive fixed or variable interest.

price effect

It is an indicator that shows how much better you buy the currency than the market cost. If its number is positive, the user has complete freedom to transact. Conversely, if the number is negative, it is better to wait.

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Why should we use Uniswap clone script?

  • It has easy options for exchanging ERC20 tokens.
  • New tokens offer direct access to liquidity pools
  • Establish a liquidity-based exchange that is affordable to anyone
  • Earn profit by offering funds in a liquidity pool
  • 100% decentralized network without the involvement of third parties. ## How to Build an Exchange Platform like Uniswap Like other exchange platforms, there are two main ways to build a Uniswap-like platform:
  • Getting its clone scripts using development companies
  • Making it from Scratch The first method consists of two different methods. The first is using free, open-source code available on GitHub. Thad is using pre-made clones from other provider companies. The latter is thoroughly tested, guaranteed, has a high level of security, and is customizable. On the contrary, in the first method, you have to spend a lot of money and need substantial financial support. Developing such Uniswap clone scripts GitHub has vulnerabilities such as lack of security and reliability, and is susceptible to cyber-attack despite having no money for development.

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Development Process

RadinDev is one of the development companies that provides clone scripts for this platform. Their development process is highly organized and follows the following steps:

  1. Create a strategy for Uniswap clone software based on client requirements
  2. Thoroughly research all development tools and prepare them for development
  3. Use innovative contract development and go for designing phase
  4. After the designing phase, they integrate other features like API, crypto wallet etc.
  5. Deploy the software and run various quality tests before preparing it for the client
  6. After it is approved by the project manager, the company provides the platform to the client ## How it works To work with the clone script, you should follow the steps below:
  7. Go to your Uniswap clone script interface
  8. Connect your wallet such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or any other Ethereum-backed wallet.
  9. Select a token you want to exchange
  10. Select a token you want to exchange.
  11. click on swap
  12. Preview the transaction in your pop-up window
  13. Wait for the transaction to finish on the Ethereum blockchain. Verify the transaction request in your wallet.

Uniswap’s two smart contracts

With respect to smart contracts, Uniswap uses two different contracts:

  1. The exchange controls the contract liquidity pool and exchanges ERC20 tokens with Ethereum.
  2. The factory contract is in charge of creating new exchange contracts and registering any new ERC20 tokens at the exchange contract address.

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