Vivaldi Desktop Browser 5.5 . minor update for (3)

This update includes security updates from the Chromium project (including fixes for CVE-2022-3723), crash fixes, and other improvements.

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The following improvements were made since the second 5.5 minor update:

  • [Address bar] Address field is empty after browser restart (VB-91282)
  • [Address bar] Delay in suggestions may cause incorrect autocomplete (VB-92262)
  • [Address bar] Autocomplete missing when title doesn’t exactly match typed text (VB-92269)
  • [Calendar] Event weekly repetition is out of frame in dialog editor (VB-92351)
  • [Calendar] WebCal Calendar consistently creates high CPU usage, massive performance hit (VB-92268)
  • [Calendar][Tasks][Panel] If “Show completed tasks” is checked, it is not kept on restart (VB-92211)
  • [Chromium] 106.0.5249.169 . upgraded to
  • [Crash] On websites with leave confirmation dialog (VB-68886)
  • [Crash][Panels] After adding vivaldi://history to a webpanel from a private window (VB-88975)
  • [Crash][Settings][Mail] Guards and logs against invalid email addresses (VB-92338)
  • [Linux][Media] Proprietary codec to 106.0.5249.30-108653 . convert to

Main photo by Andre Schultz.

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