Web3’s Utopia, Non-Linear Career, Why Did I Move on from Figma?

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“A quick Internet search will direct you to a lot of articles about current or future design trends. For UI designers, neomorphism is in, and skeuomorphism is out. Logo designers expect to see a lot of simple geometry and variable types. Literally today, I just read that after falling out of favor years ago, the parallax effect and horizontal scrolling are going to make a comeback in web design trends.

I don’t care about any of these things. And you shouldn’t either.”

Why design trends are bad for business
by John Robinson

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the editor chooses

  • to know what it is not
    Defining negative space as a technique.
    by Dennis Knopf
  • Web 3’s Technological Utopia
    The inefficiency of technology to make the world a better place.
    by Oscar von Hoske
  • Can UX Design Save Democracy?
    Defining the limits of AI and who controls that power.
    by Jasper Keynes
  • personal data exchange
    Understanding data as currency for a smooth experience.
    by Corina Stirbus
  • non-linear career
    Approaches that help build flexibility in career paths.
    by Janko Jovanovic

infinite conversation
AI-generated discussion between Werner Herzog and Slavoj Zizek.


  • Front End Web Designer/Developer @ Digital Scholar
    This opportunity allows the candidate to work with multiple dedicated open source teams on established projects and be a part of the sprouting of new projects. The task is challenging, but we are committed to building a team that honors individual expertise at the service of productive collaboration.

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let me think

  • How America turned against the First Amendment
    “Moderation laws. Book bans. Courts that keep playing. America’s politicians are tired of getting in the way of the First Amendment, and nobody cares.”
  • How a reluctant painter turned himself into an AI model
    “By now, we’ve all heard stories of artists who have reluctantly used their work to train generative AI models, the frustration of turning it into a popular prompt for people to imitate, or how Static diffusion was being used to generate NSFW images of celebrities.”
  • Labour of Love
    “Unfortunately, the job most of us spend most of our days at is not the job that fills up our self-actualization tank. Mostly, we work at jobs to earn money so we can have a place to sleep and To pay for food to eat. We work to prove that we deserve to live.”

little gems this week

Using Figma’s New Sections feature
by Ben McLaren

Duolingo redesign: 4 things they got right, 1 improvement
by Aaron Cecchini-Butler

Why did I move on from Figma
by Shamsi Briney

Tools and Resources

  • whomp
    A new approach to 3D.
  • WCAG color contrast
    correcting the argument.
  • squeaky
    A privacy-conscious analytics tool.

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