What is the better way to sync wp multisite woocommerce products?

Now we have WordPress multisite network with main WooCommerce store (~500 products), we copy this “master” shop to a subdomain of multisite with plugin ns copy multisite, copy the main site we are working , but now there is a problem syncing all products on multisite network (after update on main store – all default meta product keys (price, image and etc) updated in substores, except Yoast SEO keys, not stock in our products ), all the plugins we tried (“woomultistore”, “woocommerce multisite product sync”) take high CPU usage (12 CPU) to 100% and when the products are updating, it works with 50 multisite stores eats up all 32 GB of RAM; We decide to sync with all stores from main store per day at 00-00 (because in live update mode it causes slow load of all sites), but anyway this sync with plugins and nginx and php Causes a lot of time to timeout. Prices increased to higher values;

In plans we will do around ~400 copy subsites in multisite network and this plugins may not work with this amount of sites, maybe there is some one to sync mysql woocommerce product tables directly with prefix wp2_, wp3_ and others be a Linux tool; Or any suggestions to achieve an efficient way to sync ~400 multisite stores?

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