Why? "how to get internship" The question is wrong? part 1.

The economy is in very pathetic condition. Getting internships, which are still often unpaid, is becoming more and more difficult.

What if I told you there was a much easier way?

You see, companies bombarding you with your “well formatted” CV can work. But it takes time. a lot of time

I do not suggest stopping applying.

I suggest limiting the amount of time you spend applying, if not put off completely.
Instead – start investing in yourself.

Even better, let’s now make our own internship about you and the community.

@DunsinWebDev . based on discussion with

Dunsin lives in Nigeria and classic internships are hard to find.
How can Dunsin build one?

Well, Dunsin is interested in web development.
Wait… what if we go to LinkedIn Jobs and filter them by:

  • Nigeria
  • far
  • Web Developer

Wait, what are these 3 first companies?
They smell…well…

Let’s take a deeper look and see what tech stack they are looking for.

To be successful on this team you must be an expert in two or more of the following:
Backend Web Service Programming in Python and Node.JS
CSS and Front-end Web Programming with React
Data Analysis and Statistical Analysis
Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, Machine Learning
data visualization

Strong understanding of JavaScript and TypeScript languages ​​and its nuances, including ES6+ syntax
Understands ReactJS and NextJS performance in specific components such as virtualization, PWA development and SSR
Knowledge of functional and object-oriented programming
Work with React Native Expo SDK and Libraries to Develop a Publishable App
Mind Search:
You will develop and maintain the project’s back end services.
Synchronizing data in the Ethereum blockchain with data in our DynamoDB database,
For better user experience. Also looking at React-based admin panels and apps.

did you notice?

Every good job mentions in 3 top web developer jobs available in Nigeria feedback,

Now, let’s see if React is opensource or not…

To be continued 🙂

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